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Chaos & Pain

Number of products: 11

Chaos & Pain is a US-based nutritional supplement manufacturer owned by Jamie Lewis, one of the foremost authorities on strength training and a graduate of the University of Vienna, and Wayne Banks, a specialist in sports medicine and nutrition. Chaos & Pain started out as a sports blog, only to quickly grow to a higher profile. With a lack of suitable supplements on the market, Jamie Lewis found a place for himself in the market and quickly introduced supplements with very powerful effects. First and foremost, it was all about good fat burning products.

Jamie Lewis went one step further and also decided to create further products, which were very well received. The secret of Chaos & Pain is to have access to high-quality active ingredients that you can feel in action. The Cannibal range was even raved about and the manufacturer couldn't keep up with restocking. There are now a few other highlights on the market, such as PermaSwole without stimulants, which is geared towards a very good pump and endurance, and KETO, a pre-workout supplement based on goBHB ketones, which raises energy levels and supports nootropic function.

The manufacturer focuses on producing elite pre-workout supplements, burners, nootropics, testosterone boosters and nutritional protein preparations. The wide range of products will satisfy even the most demanding athletes. Sales hits from the manufacturer Chaos & Pain currently include: Cannibal Riot, Cannibal Ferox, Genius, Cannibal Inferno, Cannibal Claw.