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  • Red Sky 90 caps - Version USA

Red Sky 90 caps - Version USA

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Chaos and Pain Red Sky 90 caps fat burner

Red Sky is a new burner from Chaos and Pain that allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms without the yo-yo effect. The ingredients contained in the product work together synergistically, increasing thermogenesis and promoting a slim figure. The supplement provides high energy levels, increases alertness and concentration, and accelerates metabolism. Many stimulating ingredients have an effective and strong effect, which is why the product is recommended for experienced users.

Chaos and Pain Red Sky 90 caps fat burner is:

  • Strong slimming effect,
  • Thermogenic effect,
  • Faster weight loss,
  • Improving the composition of the figure

Red Sky Chaos and Pain burner composition:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine - is an acetylated and metabolically active form of the amino acid L-carnitine - a vitamin-like substance. Its main properties include nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidant, and promoting fat metabolism in the mitochondria. In addition, Acetylcarnitine has a positive effect on the condition of the circulatory system and the sensitivity of tissues to insulin; it also reduces the feeling of fatigue. The substance is also involved in the regulation of the hormonal balance - mainly affects the level of testosterone and cortisol.

Anhydrous caffeine - has a thermogenic effect and suppresses appetite due to the increase in the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline. It has been proven that it causes an increase in the formation of such neurotransmitters in the central nervous system as dopamine, acetylcholine or even serotonin, which exerts a stimulating effect and increases cognitive functions. The overall effect of caffeine on the body allows you to maintain the effectiveness of training and maintain a positive mood, despite the caloric deficit.

Green Coffee Bean extract - green coffee contains chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Chlorogenic acid shows synergism with caffeine and very strongly increases its activity against fat. So by using green coffee, we achieve a much stronger fat-burning effect, while introducing much less caffeine into the body. Green coffee extract improves metabolism and regulates insulin metabolism, which also translates into a reduction in appetite (decreased appetite).

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate - known as Eria Jarensis acts as a neuromodulator on the central nervous system, providing many benefits for cognitive functions. Provides mood-improving effects by increasing the level of dopamine and nor-adrenaline in the body. Dopamine is responsible for increasing the sense of well-being, and therefore Eria Jarensis extract provides a euphoric effect and at the same time reduces the feeling of anxiety. Dopamine and norepinephrine are also associated with increased mental alertness and concentration. It has an effect similar to DMHA - it ensures agitation, great concentration, alertness and the euphoric effect.

Yohimbine Bark Extract - by counteracting the activation of α2-adrenergic receptors, modulates the concentration of neurotransmitters and cAMP, thanks to which it increases the ability of the body to release and burn previously accumulated reserves of energy substrates. Deactivation of α2-adrenergic receptors, the high concentration of which is concentrated in the lower abdominal and hip regions, allows you to accelerate the loss of unnecessary fat from the aforementioned, relatively resistant to getting rid of residual fat, body regions.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria - has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, supports the carbohydrate and insulin metabolism, prevents cancer and improves mental condition. The high standardization of the rauwolscine extract, also known as alpha yohimbine or isoohimbine, focuses the product's action on the nervous system and the loss of unnecessary body weight. By interfering with the work of the cholinergic system, it increases the concentration of adrenaline, stimulating the system to function and intensifying the lipolysis process. By intensifying the oxidation of fatty acids in the mitochondria. It promotes the burning of previously accumulated fat in the areas of the body rich in α2-adrenergic receptors, mainly in the lower abdomen and on the hips.

ProGBB - ethyl ester of gamma aminobutyric acid and betaine is an antagonist of muscarinic receptors in the production of nitric oxide. It effectively lowers blood pressure and increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. It affects oxygenation, nutrition and increases blood supply to the muscles, improving muscle performance.

Paradoxine - the formula contains an extract from the seeds of the Afromomum melegueta plant. It contains 6-paradol, a powerful antioxidant that works primarily as a fat burner in the body. The Kernels of Paradise, also known as melegueta pepper or alligator pepper, is a perennial plant that, like ginger, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It is native to West Africa, where it is widely used both for its digestive properties and for its aphrodisiac properties.

Theophylline - theophylline has an effect similar to caffeine, additionally has a positive effect on breathing and improves blood flow. Theophylline, being an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase, contributes to an increase in the intracellular concentration of cyclic AMP, thus enhancing thermogenic and lipolytic processes, as well as increasing the ability to concentrate and reducing fatigue. These properties make theophylline a valuable supplement to the composition of fat-burning supplements and pre-workout supplements.

Red Sky fat burner dosage:

1-3 tablets during the day

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