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Compare Fake/Original APS Mesomorph

Compare Fake/Original APS MesomorphIf you follow news from the fitness world, especially what is happening in the US, you know perfectly well that the legendary mesomorph of dmaa is no longer produced. The aps nutrition company has now launched a new version without a dmaa. The prices of the original mesomorph containing our favorite ingredient soared up and now you have to pay from 60$ to over 100$ for the original version. It is not known from today that people counting on a quick profit produce fakes of legendary supplements and this time it was not long to wait until the wave of non-original mesomorphs flooded Poland.

Fortunately, a counterfeit product can be easily recognized and protected against a non-working supplement. Apart from the fact that the counterfeit product does not work, think about what and under what conditions it was sprinkled inside. Rather, nobody of you wants to risk your results in the gym and health ...

As I mentioned the counterfeit is easy to recognize, so without unnecessary stimulation, we reveal the cards ...

A few differences that you can see at a glance:
1. In the non-original mesomorph instead of the text DMAA ENHANCED is the text NEW SUPER CONCETRATE
2. In the basis weight, the non-original product has GR swap G
3. The sleev differs on the can (different font) and the nut in the non-original version has a groove. The original product has a smooth nut.
4. The font and colors on the packaging are also slightly different

Now, at first glance, you will be able to distinguish cheap fakes from the legend.

Another differences ... In addition to the difference in packaging, the content is very different - the counterfeit product simply does not work as it should and the only thing that is noticeable in it is a huge amount of beta alanine on which tweaks the entire body from the legend.

Differences can also be seen in the composition ..

How to protect yourself from counterfeits?
1. Buy products only in reputable stores that have good reviews among customers! Avoid unreliable sources such as: online classifieds from private sellers, ads on auction portals.
2. If you already buy a product from a less reliable source before buying, make sure you buy the original product - often sellers say / write that they have the USA version, but unfortunately they have a European version (also applies to other products) or not original

Counterfeits occur only in standard flavors. The limited edition gives a guarantee of originality.
Limited flavors are:
-Snow Cone
-Tutti Frutti
-Green Apple
-Rocket Pop
-Pink Lemonade

Now you know how not to be fooled by an honest seller, if you want to be sure of the origin of your products, buy supplements in Bodyshock.pro - As a few, we are a distributor of products straight from the USA from manufacturers so you can be sure that we always provide you with fresh and original top supplements quality.
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