• Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy 440g
  • Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy 440g

Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy 440g

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Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy a powerful no-booster without the boost effect!

Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy belongs to the group of no-boosters (nitric oxide stimulants) aimed at maximizing the effect of the muscle pump. The product has been developed in such a way as to provide only simple, transparent ingredients, without the addition of stimulants. Substances with a nootropic effect are designed to maximize the so-called. muscle mind - a connection between the brain and muscles, which translates into excellent muscle feeling during exercise. The lack of stimulants in the composition means that we are not distracted, and all our attention is focused on the work of the muscles.

Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy allows us to obtain a forceful muscle pump, similar to the one offered by the Naughty Boy SickPump Nitro product. The Supreme Focus add-on, however, has an additional task which is to improve thought processes, focus on action, concentration and alertness. The mixture of active ingredients aims to maximize the muscular sensation to make the training even more effective.

Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy is:

  • Stim free,
  • Nootropic effect,
  • Enhance focus, 
  • Huge muscle pump,
  • Hydration support,
  • Increases muscle connection.

Who is Naughty Boy SickPump Synergy for?

No-booster SickPump Synergy is intended for all people who want to maximize the effect of the muscle pump without the need for stimulants. Many people are irritable after caffeine or other stimulants, which makes training chaotic and not entirely effective. Lack of proper focus of attention, incl. on the work of muscles may result in their poor activation. No-booster SickPump Synergy, thanks to the combination of compounds that stimulate the production of nitric oxide together with nootropic substances, gives us the opportunity to feel how the muscles begin to get hard, tightened, which also increases muscle feeling and awareness of movement.


Pink Himalayan Salt - contains 98% sodium chloride, which is perfect as a dietary supplement with electrolytes. Unlike classic table salt, Himalayan salt can be a source of over 80 different elements that give it its characteristic color.

Vitamin C - in sports supplementation, vitamin C is used due to its antioxidant properties and enhances collagen synthesis. Apart from its obvious immune-supporting function, it is responsible for reducing the activity of free radicals and protecting cells from damage.

Potassium Citrate - is a combination of potassium ions with citric acid, which is designed to improve the solubility of the element in liquids, and thus effectively increase its absorption. Potassium belongs to the group of electrolytes, is responsible for the appropriate level of intercellular hydration, affects the quality of nerve impulses, and ensures optimal muscle tone.

L-Citrulline - cbelongs to the group of non-protein amino acids, it stimulates the production of arginine. This effect is effectively transferred to the increase in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), which directly affects the work of the cardiovascular system. The circulatory system, as a result of the action of NO, dilates its vessels and is able to transport more oxygen and nutrients. As a result of the greater production of nitric oxide, we feel how the muscles during training become fuller, larger and more supplied with blood.

Beta-Alanine - is one of the substances that effectively increase muscle endurance by increasing the level of carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine has a wide spectrum of activity, but focusing on purely sports aspects, it will include affects the possibility of contraction of muscle fibers, supports their nutrition, helps to remove hydrogen ions, accelerates regeneration, protects cell membranes against damage.

Betaine Anhydrous - betaine has a vasodilating effect, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure. It supports the absorption of many food compounds as an element of gastric juice. It promotes the synthesis of endogenous creatine.

Glycersize - is a powdered form of glycerol with a concentration of 65%, the task of which is to increase the hydration of muscle cells, which translates into a higher amount of sarcoplasm. This action is often referred to as sarcoma hypertrophy because it thickens the muscle fibers by rehydrating them.

ALMA - Indian gooseberry, is known for its pro-health activities, incl. strengthens the heart and blood vessels, promotes insulin sensitivity, dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure. Moreover, the supplement protects internal organs, is responsible for cleansing the liver, and supports the immune system.

Setria - reduced glutathione in a stable form with high bioavailability. Its action significantly improves regeneration processes, protects cells against free radicals, detoxifies many organs. Glutathione is an essential component of our body that is responsible for the work of many systems and organs. The lack of its optimal amount leads to functional disorders as well as damage to internal organs due to oxidative stress.

Choline Synergy - a patented blend that combines two forms of choline in the form of CDP Choline and Afla GPC. Choline has a nootropic effect, improves cognitive function, increases the level of focus and concentration, allows us to switch to the mode of operation. What's more, Alfa GPC also contributes to the increase of strength capabilities, improvement of motor function and stronger muscle contractility. In one of the studies, supplementation with Alfa GPC showed an increase in strength by up to 14%!

Lions Mane - lion's mane, a fungus belonging to the group of adaptogens, has nootropic properties, reduces fatigue, allows you to sharpen your thoughts, helps in focusing attention and concentration.

L-Tyrosine - tyrosine is a non-protein amino acid with a neuromodulatory effect. It affects the level of neurotransmitters, reduces fatigue, increases the level of concentration, and allows for more intense training. Effectively reduces the effects of lack of sleep, allows us to maintain brain activity at work and while studying.

Astragin - an additive designed to increase the bioavailability of individual ingredients. It consists of plants such as panax notoginsen and astragalus membrenaceus, which in scientific research have successfully increased insulin sensitivity.

Dosage: mix 1 serving (2 scoops) with 400 ml of water and drink 15-20 minutes before training.

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