• Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA 60 caps
  • Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA 60 caps

Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA 60 caps

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Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA fat burner with alpha yohimbine

Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA is a powerful fat burner based on multiple ingredients with stimulating and thermogenic effects. The supplement has a high dose of DMHA, which effectively stimulates action and increases energy levels. Lipo Shred fat burner also has in its composition the strongest yohimbine, whose action strongly burns even resistant fat. If you care about getting in very good shape and want to get down to single-digit levels of body fat, this is the fat burner for you.

Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA is:

  • High DMHA content per serving!
  • Alpha yohimbine supplement,
  • Contains noopept,
  • Significantly increases energy levels,
  • Inhibits appetite.

Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA fat burner that works without compromise!

This fat burner is dedicated to all people who care about a very powerful effect. The contained mixture of stimulants allows you to perform a very hard workout even on low calories. The fat burner also improves mood and concentration. The very strong composition provides an action that will satisfy any person looking for a really powerful agent. Hammer Labz Lipo Shred will allow you to get as low fat as possible while showing hard and sculpted muscles.

Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA fat burner composition:

1 serving, 2 capsules:

Vitamin B12 - 300 mcg - cobalamin is responsible for a number of metabolic processes, mainly related to energy production. Its per-workout effect will focus on more efficient energy utilization, which directly translates into improved training capabilities. Moreover, vitamin B12 supports the work of the nervous system.

L-tyrosine - 375 mg - belongs to the group of amino acids that affect [thyroid function. Tyrosine makes sure that your thyroid produces optimal amounts of hormones, which in turn affects the rate of weight loss. Tyrosine also has a nootropic effect. It improves the functioning of the nervous system, affecting a better feeling of concentration.

Caffeine - 300 mg - a stimulant that is responsible for maintaining energy levels, as well as wakefulness. Caffeine often serves as a stimulant base for other powerful supplements like geramine or DMAA. Caffeine also has a thermogenic effect and allows for greater fat reduction.

DMHA - 250 mg - a stimulant similar to geramine. DMHA was invented by manufacturers to replace the shortage of DMAA in the supplement market. Its effects are very similar to geramine. It significantly increases energy levels, stimulates strongly, adds motivation and improves mood. You can read more into DMHA on the blog.

White Willow Extract - 100 mg - White birch bark extract is a supplement that exhibits strong thermogenic and sultry effects. The substances in the extract have similar effects to aspirin. Those long in sports and supplementation are well aware of the recipe for a good ECA. White Willow Extract is designed to work similarly to aspirin in this combination.

Paradoxine - 100 mg - the main weight loss effect is due to the active compounds 6-Gingerol and 6-Paradol. The plant extract allows our body to use glucose and lipids more efficiently. Grains of paradise improve insulin sensitivity and contribute to increased energy expenditure. The body is more willing to use fat stores in the body. In addition, the plant speeds up metabolism and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Noopept - 60 mg - a potent nootropic compound with cognitive function enhancing effects. Noopept is widely used in supplements to support thought processes, learning and memory. Peri-training Noopept will help you set your mind to your workout, approach it task-oriented and strongly focus on muscle work.

Matcha Green Tea Powder - 50 mg - a natural matcha supplement is designed to provide some natural caffeine and l-theanine. The effect of the supplement will support metabolism, maintain nervous system function, as well as act as an antioxidant.

Synephrine HCL - 50 mg - its action has repeatedly allowed to achieve very low levels of fatness. You may read that synephrine is often called a substitute for ephedrine. All due to its action, which affects the bronchi and the possibility of oxygen exchange. Synephrine not only has a strong thermogenic effect, but stimulates and increases performance.

Higenamine HCL - 50 mg - belongs to the group of stimulants. Its action increases the heart rate, as well as raises blood pressure. This action will translate directly into the performance of the body. Higenamine intensifies the production of neurotransmitters. It is also responsible for a greater phenomenon of thermogenesis and thus allows for a low level of fatness.

Hordenine HCL - 50 mg - stimulates the central nervous system and increases blood flow. It is often found naturally in bitter orange extracts, as is synephrine. It has properties that reduce hunger and cravings. Hordenine blocks appetite, which contributes to better diet control. Moreover, it raises energy levels, as well as intensifies thermogenic metabolism.

Cayenne pepper - 25 mg - allows more efficient use of the active compounds of the incinerator. What's more, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as a thermogenic effect.

Grapefruit Extract - 20 mg - the extract is a source of naringenin, an active substance that will have similar properties to cayenne pepper. The active ingredient will allow more efficient use of the ingredients contained in the supplement.

Huperzia Serrata - 300 mcg - belongs to natural substances that have a strong effect on the nervous system. Its action allows a significant increase in memory and concentration. However, that's not all. Huperzine also affects acetylcholine levels. This translates into exercise capacity and trainability. Huperzine significantly increases cognitive abilities. As a nootropic substance, it will support learning, remembering and maintaining focus for longer periods of time.

Bioperine - 5 mg - a patented active substance, the source of which is black pepper. Its action enhances the absorption of the active substances contained in the supplement. It affects the enzymatic capabilities of the liver, which contributes to improving the absorption of active substances.

Alpha Yohimbine - 2 mg - currently the most widely used type of yohimbine, which we meet both in fat burners and pre-workout supplements. This type of yohimbine allows us to get a very high level of energy, significantly increases metabolic capabilities, which translates into greater training efficiency. It has a strong thermogenic effect, drawing energy from stored body fat. Alpha Yohimbine is also called Rauwolscine. It is an alkaloid extracted from plants of the Rauvolfia and Corynanthe group. It has a strong thermogenic effect and strongly enhances lipolytic processes to achieve low body fat.

Hammer Labz Lipo Shred DMHA dosage:

1 serving, 2 capsules 30 min before workout.




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