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  • Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g
  • Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g

Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g

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Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g no-booster

Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g is one of the strongest no-boosters that can be found on the supplementation market. 1 serving provides over 12 grams of various types of pumps that are designed to maximize the amount of nitric oxide in your body. The supplement works really hard, and the muscle pump you get will last for a long period after training. If you have not been satisfied with the no-boosters you have tested so far, Steel X Pump will be a great way to get a powerful muscle pump. The combination of substances that stimulate the level of nitric oxide and compounds that ensure better filling of muscle cells with water and glycogen, effectively doubles the pumping effect.

Operation of Hammer Labz Steel X Pump:

  • As much as 6000 mg of l-cutrulline in one serving!
  • Very strong pumping action,
  • Dilates blood vessels,
  • Supports muscle endurance,
  • Increase in strength,
  • Increase in hypertrophy,
  • Faster regeneration,
  • A powerful dose of agmatine!

Who is Steel X Pump recommended for?

The supplement is perfect as a pre-training preparation for people who avoid stimulants. Steel X Pump can be used by people who are treating high blood pressure and want to improve their training results but cannot use stimulants.

What to combine with?

As can be seen from the composition of Steel X Pump, it is devoid of stimulating additives. For people who need additional stimulation, it will work very well in combination with caffeine, yohimbine, DMHA, or products composed mainly of stimulants and nootropics, such as Apollon Overtime or Insane Labs Strain.

Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g  no-booster composition:

L-Citrulline - citrulline is one of the basic ingredients of every good pump, Steel X Pump contains as much as 6 grams of L-citrulline, which translates into an excellent pumping effect. Citrulline increases the level of arginine in the body, which translates into greater synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. Its action perfectly dilates blood vessels and allows a greater inflow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Beta-alanine - the action of beta-alanine is focused on increasing muscle endurance. It is a precursor of carnosine, an important antioxidant that perfectly supports the work of muscles. Carnosine not only cares for faster muscle regeneration, but also makes them resistant to physical exertion, which translates into the possibility of their long-term work. Carnosine also counteracts oxidative reactions. AAKG - arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is a combination of arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate, which primarily supports its bioavailability, but also extends its action.

AAKG - supports the body longer than free arginine. The ingredient cares about stimulating the level of nitric oxide and supports the muscle pump for a long time after the end of training. AAKG is also used in the fight against arterial hypertension, supports the work of the heart and improves regenerative processes.

Glycerpump - it is a stable form of powdered glycerol. Glycerol has anabolic properties that increase the ability of muscle cells to store water. This action effectively allows you to increase the amount of water and nutrients in the muscles, which translates into the phenomenon of the so-called sarcoma hypertrophy. The action is accompanied by a significant feeling of a muscle pump. The muscles become fuller, harder and more visible.

Agmatine - belongs to the ingredients with versatile action. It is usually used as a pumping ingredient in no-boosters, but its action is much wider. Agmatine has nootropic and neuroprotective effects, supports the nervous system, and improves sensitivity to stimulants. Its action effectively supports physical effort. Steel X Pump has as much as 1500 mg of agmatine in 1 serving!

Arginine - the action of arginine is to stimulate the production of nitric oxide. Arginine belongs to endogenous amino acids, i.e. those that our body can produce by itself. Increased supply of arginine in the diet increases the level of nitric oxide, but also increases the level of agmatine and glutamic acid. Arginine perfectly pumps, supports muscle endurance, accelerates regeneration, allows for harder workouts.

Beet root extract - an ingredient that is designed to increase the amount of nitrogen oxygen, but also allows you to increase muscle efficiency. The action of the extract affects the dilatation of blood vessels, which facilitates blood circulation in the working muscles. In addition, it accelerates regenerative processes and has detoxifying properties.

L-Norvaline - a non-protein amino acid that has unique properties for our body. Its action primarily protects arginine against its breakdown and loss. Norvaline can increase the amount of absorbed arginine by up to 75%.

Himalayan salt - Himalayan salt is a perfect supplement to the product with a hydrating ingredient. It allows you to accumulate more fluids, the muscle cells are more hydrated, which makes them become larger and are able to accumulate more energy substrates. This action also effectively increases the sensations of the muscle pump.

Pre-workout booster dosage:

1 serving, 1 scoop 30 minutes before training.

Users reviews
Number of reviews: 1 Average score: 5.00
Author: Davide, Golasecca
Hammer Labz Steel X Pump 425g
Amazing taste, it mixes just as right and gives you a solid ass pump, it feels like your veins are going to explode
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