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  • Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2
  • Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2

Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2

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Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2 273g branched chain amino acids

Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2 273g branched chain amino acids is a dietary supplement that allows us to protect muscles against catabolism and maintains the efficiency of muscle mass. BCAA with the addition of electrolytes is a combination that you can successfully use during training to maintain the best performance.

How do BCAA amino acids work?

BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, are essential amino acids that include leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids are crucial for muscle protein synthesis, which contributes to muscle growth and repair. In the form of a BCAA supplement, they can reduce muscle pain, increase endurance and prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, which is why they are very popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Why do we need electrolytes during training?

Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium that are necessary for various body functions, including maintaining proper fluid balance. During intense workouts, you lose electrolytes through sweat, which can lead to dehydration and muscle cramps. Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA fills this loss by providing adequate amounts of these important minerals to help maintain adequate hydration and energy.

How does Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes work?

  • Protects muscles against catabolism,
  • Effectively hydrates,
  • Maintains activity during training,
  • Supports strength,
  • Maintains focus and concentration,
  • Counteracts DOMS

Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2 273g composition:

1 serving, 9.1 grams:

BCAA MATRIX (5,000 mg) - branched chain amino acids

L-Leucine - 2500 mg - is the most important BCAA ingredient because it stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins and prevents their breakdown. Thanks to this, it supports the building of muscle mass and regeneration after exercise. L-leucine also affects blood glucose levels because it stimulates insulin secretion and inhibits gluconeogenesis. Additionally, L-leucine may improve immunity and protect against infections.

L-Isoleucine - 1250 mg - is the second BCAA ingredient, which is also involved in the synthesis of muscle proteins, but to a lesser extent than L-leucine. However, L-isoleucine is necessary for the production of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to cells. L-isoleucine also helps maintain nitrogen balance in the body and provide energy to the muscles. L-isoleucine is especially important for people practicing endurance sports because it prevents fatigue and catabolism.

L-Valine - 1250 mg - is the third BCAA ingredient, which also participates in the synthesis of muscle proteins, but also has other functions. L-valine is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems. L-valine affects the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, which regulate mood and motivation. L-valine may also improve memory and concentration. In addition, L-valine supports detoxification processes in the body and protects the liver against damage.

ELECTROLYTE & HYDRATION COMPLEX - 2,000 mg - a mixture that supports muscle hydration and maintains their high performance.

Taurine - 1000 mg - is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. It performs many important functions, such as regulating blood pressure, stabilizing cell membranes and supporting the heart. Taurine is also necessary for the proper functioning of skeletal muscles because it affects their strength, endurance and regeneration. Taurine also helps maintain the appropriate level of cell hydration, which prevents dehydration and muscle cramps. Taurine is especially recommended for physically active people, because its demand increases during exercise. Taurine supplementation can therefore improve training performance and comfort.

Coconut Water Powder - 500 mg - is a natural isotonic that provides the body with electrolytes necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems. Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium, which help maintain fluid balance and prevent dehydration. Coconut water powder also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which protects cells from damage and supports their regeneration. Coconut water powder is an ideal addition to drinks before, during and after training because it hydrates the body and replenishes electrolytes.

Calci-K - 263 mg - is a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of bones, teeth, nerves and muscles. Calcium takes part in the processes of muscle contraction and relaxation, as well as in the conduction of nerve impulses. Calcium works with other minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, which are also found in the Calci-K® formula.

Potassium Phosphate - 90 mg - is the second most abundant electrolyte in the body. Its main sources are plant products such as bananas, tomatoes, potatoes and nuts. Potassium performs many important functions in the body. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system brain and muscle, because it is involved in the conduction of nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Potassium also regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure, preventing arrhythmia and hypertension.

Sodium Phosphate - 79 mg - is one of the most important electrolytes in the body. Its main source is table salt (sodium chloride), which is added to most food products. Sodium is responsible for maintaining the proper osmotic pressure of body fluids, which prevents dehydration. Sodium also works with potassium in maintaining acid-base balance and conducting nerve impulses.

D-Magnesium Malate - 70 mg - is another mineral necessary for our health. Magnesium participates in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, including energy production, protein and nucleic acid synthesis, regulation of blood pressure and heart function. Magnesium is especially important for athletes because it prevents muscle cramps, reduces fatigue and improves physical performance. Magnesium also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which protect cells from damage.

Apollon Chainsaw Hybrid BCAA + Electrolytes v2 273g dosage:

1 serving, 9.1 g, before and after training.


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