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Best Joy

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Best Joy is a brand specialising in aerosol frying oils. The company's products are designed to provide us with a culinary solution that allows food to be thermally processed with little caloric addition. Thanks to the use of spray oil technology, only a small particle of fat enters the pans, effectively reducing the amount of calories consumed. What's more, the spray form effectively makes it easier for us to spread the oil over the surface, which is a highly effective solution. Forget about pouring oil straight from the bottle. Just a few puffs and the product will perfectly brain be fried, without sticking to the surface of the dish.

Best Joy offers us a wide range of spray oil solutions. The presence of oil in different flavours will also reduce the need for seasoning. We can encounter sprays based on butter, oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil. Everyone will find their favourite flavour and additive to meet expectations

Why use Best Joy?
Dietary fat is the most calorific supplement and we can very easily exceed the energy value of our diet heavily when we use conventional frying methods. Best Joy allows us to minimise the use of fat to a minimum, which significantly reduces the calorie content of meals. The dishes do not soak up fat, are easily digestible and dietary.