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Summer Cycle in Sarmy - a quick sculpture for holidays

Summer Cycle in Sarmy - a quick sculpture for holidays

Sarms for sculpture - try the best for the summer season 2021

SARMs are one of the most popular classes of supplements for athletes and bodybuilders who want to improve their figure and performance. There are many different types of SARMs on the market, and in this article we have selected the best for a sculpted figure. Sarms act on selected tissue receptors to promote their beneficial androgenic effects without undesirable side effects. Androgen receptors are found throughout the body - muscles, bones and genitals.

In bodybuilding, the effect of Sarms on muscle tissue is the most desirable.

Proper use of them allows for full muscle size, increased strength and high endurance. SARMs act on androgen receptors in the body to show their effects wherever we want, in bodybuilding they are primarily muscles, but also bones, which certainly gain a higher density. While the SARM binds to the androgen receptor, it signals the body to make more testosterone, which translates into higher athletic performance. The effective action of sarms works well in high-performance and strength sports.

SARMs are very popular with bodybuilders and are often combined in one cycle for maximum effectiveness.

They are ideal not only for building substantial muscle mass, but also for a cycle focused on body sculpting. Below you will find examples of Sarms, arranged in ready-made cycles that will help you get the perfect figure, help build muscle, give your muscles a hard, compact look and help burn fat. Sarms are great for losing body fat and exposing sculpted muscles.

Duration of the cycle with the use of sarms

As a rule, you should start your first cycle with a low dose to see how you respond to it and stick to a shorter cycle at first, usually 4 to 8 weeks. Longer cycles with more sarms in one cycle are recommended for advanced athletes. You should never continue your cycle for more than 12 weeks. What are the best SARMs for fat loss? Especially for you, we have collected the best set of SARMs for body sculpting. We will take a look at the SARMs that are best for fat loss and their dosage examples. Each of the following ingredients has excellent fat reduction properties and are often stacked together, depending on the preferences of the individual user. Simply put, we present you the best reduction sarms for every athlete. Every athlete, regardless of their advancement level, can reduce body fat. The undoubted advantage is, of course, the increased muscle mass and - most importantly - the preservation of already developed muscles.

Beginner sarm cycle

To get a slim figure and gain muscle mass, we recommend starting with Ostarine, which is one of the oldest SARMs with scientifically proven effects. Ostarine will allow you to gain muscle and lose unwanted fat at the same time. It is one of the most versatile sarms and can be used both for body composition reduction, body composition recomposition and, in some cases, for the mass cycle. Ostarine has many other benefits, such as increased sex drive and the ability to regenerate joints.

Ostarine 1-8 (cycle duration in weeks - 8 weeks) 30 mg / day dose

Sarm GW 1-8 (cycle duration in weeks - 8 weeks) dose 20 mg / day

Intermediate Athletes - Cycle

For athletes who already have their first adventure with the use of sarms, in addition to the above-mentioned Ostryna, it is worth using Sarm S-4. Andarine is a selective androgen receptor that is among the best SARMs for reduction. Like Ostarin, this sarm has been developed to combat osteoporosis and muscle wasting. In addition to increasing muscle mass, S-4 helps with fat loss. High muscle mass in combination with increased fat loss helps in obtaining a perfectly "cut" athlete's figure. After the cycle is over, we recommend PCT therapy.

Ostarine 1-10 30mg

Sarm GW 1-10 20mg

Sarm S4 7-10 50mg

Cycle with the use of sarms for experienced users

Increased muscle mass, muscle strengthening effect, maintaining muscle mass during a caloric deficit and increased strength are the effects of using the stack for experienced users who have used sarms. The following sarms, when used during a caloric deficit, will help maintain muscle mass while stimulating fat loss. This keeps your muscles firm throughout the cycle. Thanks to the use of four sarms, you can expect increased vascularity and strength gain. Your body will gain a slim, sculpted figure and after a few weeks you will also start to notice an increase in muscle mass. After completing the cycle, remember about post-cycle therapy with PCT supplements ..

Sarm Rad 1-10 (cycle duration in weeks - 10 weeks) 20mg

Sarm GW 1-10 (cycle duration in weeks - 10 weeks) 20mg

Sarm S4 7-10 (cycle duration in weeks - from week 7 to the end of week 10 - a total of 4 weeks) / 75mg (depending on weight)

Sarm mk-677 1-10 (cycle duration in weeks - 10 weeks) 20-30mg (at bedtime)

A cycle without compromise with the use of sarms for the most experienced athletes.

The cycle for the most advanced athletes is recommended for players who have used many sarms in the past. It is best used at the dosages recommended and listed below to get the maximum benefit by reducing the harmful risks of potential side effects. An advanced reduction cycle with the use of five strong and proven sarms will bring the best results. We can highlight GW501516, which will perfectly increase your durability. Along with your increased endurance and performance, you will burn many more calories. Using the cycle with the following sarms will benefit you in the form of a sculpted figure with perfectly exposed muscles. You will get the maximum fat burning properties and at the same time build muscle mass by using the following cycle:

sarm rad 1-6 (cycle duration in weeks - 6 weeks) 20mg

sarm gw 1-6 (cycle duration in weeks - 6 weeks) 20mg

sarm s4 7-12 (cycle duration in weeks - from week 7 to the end of week 12 - a total of 6 weeks) 50mg

sarm s-23 7-12 (cycle duration in weeks - from week 7 to the end of week 12 - a total of 6 weeks) 20mg

sarm mk-677 1-12 (cycle duration in weeks - 12 weeks) 20-30 mg (at bedtime). After the end of the cycle, be sure to use supplements from the PCT category.

Try the best supplements to maximize performance.

Fat burners Novice athletes: RIO LEAN EXTREME

Intermediate Athletes: OXY-DREN

Experienced athletes: Eca Ko

Additions to help you lose extra pounds:

Yohimbine - Hammer Labz Yohimbine Hcl

Dandelion - a diuretic that perfectly removes subcutaneous water, exposing the muscles.

Guggulsterone (turning up the metabolism by regulating the thyroid gland) - San T3

It should be remembered that in addition to the Sarm cycle, a healthy and balanced diet and basic supplementation are important:

Vitamins BAD ASS PAK

AMI NO XPRESS amino acids

WHEY ISOLATE protein supplement (whey protein isolate)

Creatine: CREA ZERO

What is the best PCT for Sarms?

After the end of the cycle with the use of sarms, we recommend using supplements from the PCT category. In order to restore the natural hormonal balance and maintain the developed effects while using sarms. One of the best preparations of this type will be a strong aromatase inhibitor - (link to the product) The supplement is intended for athletes and can be used to prevent possible side effects associated with an increase in estrogen during the cycle, as well as a strong regenerating agent in post-cyclic therapy (PCT). The preparation increases lean muscle mass, reduces the conversion of testosterone to estradiol and increases the testosterone to estrogen ratio.

It should be remembered that combining the right sarms and the above-mentioned supplements with the right diet guarantees the best training results.

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