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FINAFLEX® STIMUL8® HARDCORE ™ Test - The legendary pre-workout is back?

FINAFLEX® STIMUL8® HARDCORE ™ Test - The legendary pre-workout is back?

The legendary FINAFLEX® STIMUL8® HARDCORE ™ pre-workout is back!

FINAFLEX® STIMUL8® HARDCORE ™ is an extreme pre-workout designed for professional athletes. The slightly modified formula provides extreme energy, pump and endurance during training. The first reviews are incredibly optimistic because the pre-workout test tested in the USA breaks popularity records among first users.

The new version of STIMUL8® HARDCORE ™ is really a real masterpiece among stimulating pre-workouts from the USA.

The manufacturer offers an explosive blend of energy and performance-enhancing ingredients, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding sports players. Unlike the old version of STIMUL8 Original, STIMUL8 HARDCORE is enriched with L-citrulline malate, a unique blend of amino acids. This is to delay the time you are tired so you can keep your energy levels high throughout your workout. Yohimbine provides fat loss and is also an aphrodisiac. It works by increasing the level of adrenaline in the body as well as inhibiting the regulatory process in fat cells that normally stops fat burning. For maximum effect, we recommend using a pre-workout on an empty stomach.

In one study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, athletes who were given a pre-workout showed an increased activity of ATP energy during training by up to 34 percent! Thanks to the enormous amount of ATP available for use as an energy source, your muscles will get a boost to perform intense workouts.

L-citrulline malate will perfectly cope with muscle pain in order to quickly regenerate, increase strength and lead to increased synthesis of muscle proteins. The hardcore formula is quite similar to its previous version, containing all the main ingredients. All fans and supporters of the Stimul8 pre-workout can now buy the original pre-workout in our Bodyshock.pro store link to the store, product.

Choice of flavors: Grape Escape, Mango Madness and Sour Tsunami. Considering all the above-mentioned properties, apart from the highest-quality, potent ingredients, we can safely say that the new FinaFlex Stimul8 Pre-Workout Powder is worth trying.

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