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  • ROIDTEST - domowy test na obecność sterydów
  • ROIDTEST - domowy test na obecność sterydów

ROIDTEST - domowy test na obecność sterydów

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ROIDTEST - Steroid Tester

Multi-Steroid Single Test is a double set of chemical reagents for identifying anabolic-androgenic steroids, i.e. it allows you to carry out two independent control tests against one substance from the list above. It includes a disposable test kit consisting of two ampoules (test tubes) with a special reagent that changes color under the influence of a specific chemical compound, and a color chart that allows you to read the result of the experiment.

What is the Roid Test?

Roid Test is an extremely simple to use, home test of the reliability of anabolic-androgenic steroids (SAA), with which you can verify the quality of the following doping agents:

  • Boldenone
  • Drostanolone
  • Nandrolone
  • Oxandrolone
  • Oxymetholone
  • Stanozolol
  • Trenbolone

Did you know that the scale of pathology associated with counterfeiting of anabolic agents is steadily increasing?

According to rapt Public Health Wales (2014), 1/3 of anabolic steroid products were found to be missing or to contain the wrong compounds. In addition, substitutes for anabolics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are no different from the original except for the active substance. Our steroid test will allow you to catch all such fakes.

ROIDTEST™ is an extremely useful tool to combat fake anabolic steroids by placing a sample in an ampoule and reading the color change reaction. Within minutes, you will know if the compound is in a pill, injection solution (oil), or raw powder (raw powder). The technology of this test is almost identical to those used by law enforcement and forensic laboratories around the world.

ROIDTEST requires an extremely small sample of the substance (steroid) to be tested. Simply place 3-6 drops of the solution (oil) or a small amount of powder in an ampoule and check the color change reaction by comparing it with a chart. Within minutes, you can see if the substance has been identified. The kits are quick to operate, portable and relatively inexpensive in light of the potential increase in safety and the savings they provide to consumers.

How does the Roid Test work?

ROIDTEST™ contains chemical reagents that interact with certain steroid substances to cause color reactions. The user checks these reactions on a colorimetric chart, matching them.

At what time do color reactions occur?
Most color reactions occur in as little as a few seconds, although they generally require about 1 minute to evaluate. Note that most of the active ingredients tested begin to darken fairly quickly as the steroid degrades. Therefore, it is important to evaluate each test within the recommended time.

Interpretation of the results:
(a) Color match: the test showed the correct steroid in your ampoule.
(b) No color reaction: the correct steroid was NOT IDENTIFIED in your ampoule. The test also did not show the presence of any other similar substances.
(c) Other reaction: the correct steroid was not identified. Another steroid may be present.

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