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  • Kilo Labs Key Pump 324g
  • Kilo Labs Key Pump 324g

Kilo Labs Key Pump 324g

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The Kilo Labs Key Pump no-booster is the maximum muscle pump that dietary supplements can offer!

Kilo Labs Key Pump is a novelty on the European market that is winning the hearts of no-booster devotees. The product is based on three infernally effective ingredients that cause a maximum pump during training. A well-thought-out composition, a well-chosen synergy of active substances results in a very effective pre-workout booster. Are you ready to feel a real muscle pump? This product will completely change your perspective on no-boosters.

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Kilo Labs Key Pump is:

  • Maximum muscle pump,
  • High agmatine content!
  • Hydroprime supplement,
  • Increase in muscle endurance,
  • Increase in muscle mass,
  • Powerful filling of cells with water and glycogen.

Revolutionary hydroprime supplement - stimulates pump and anabolism

The most noteworthy feature of Hydroprime is its huge dose of hydroprime - glycerol in powder form, which has many interesting properties for your muscles. First and foremost, the action of promoting an increase in the amount of sarcoplasm in the cells, which gives a maximum feeling of filling your muscles. This is an action that doesn't go away like a normal post-workout pump. Hydroprime keeps your muscles at a much higher volume. Glycerol increases the amount of water and glycogen in your muscles. This also has consequences for the growth of muscle mass. Your cells are able to fill up more strongly not only with water, but also with nutrients. This is a very good support for building muscle mass.

A no-booster that leaves no room for debate.

As much as 6,000 mg of citrulline combined with 2,000 mg of agmatine leaves no illusions. Such doses of the pumpers strongly influence nitric oxide synthesis and it only takes a few heavy repetitions in a series to feel your muscles start to swell from the incoming blood. Agmatine, known as super arginine, already in doses of 500-1000 mg can really pump things up a lot. Here we have as much as 2000 mg of agmatine per serving, which is total madness!

Is it worth using Key Pump no-booster?

Key Pump is no ordinary no-booster. The hydroprime component contained in the product is an anabolic that will promote the development of muscle mass. Its action allows you to use more carbohydrates, improves muscle endurance and translates into a stronger workout. If your muscles are able to carry more and work the weight, this also has a significant impact on muscular development.

Kilo Labs Key Pump composition:

1 serving, 2 scoops, 16.2 g:

L-CYTRULINE - 6000 mg - citrulline belongs to the precursors of arginine. This means that it is not directly responsible for the production of nitric oxide, but influences the production of arginine in the body. Citrulline is not subjected to the action of the arginase enzyme, so supplementation significantly increases the proportion of arginine in the body, better than if we used arginine alone. Its action causes a significant increase in nitric oxide production, which has a strong vasodilatory effect. Citrulline is also used as part of endurance support and improves post-workout recovery.

HYDROPRIME - 5000 mg - a patented, powdered glycerol, is a muscle pump support using a completely different mechanism to classic nitric oxide boosters. Glycerol does not affect vasodilation. Its action causes an increase in cell volume. Glycerol improves hydration levels and allows for greater glycogen compensation. What this means. Your muscle cells are able to store more water and energy substrates such as glycogen. This translates into an increase in endurance, performance and muscle strength. On top of this, a side effect is a very strong muscle pump.

AGMATINE SULPHATE - 2000 mg - agmatine pumps more blood into working muscles. This is thought to deliver more nutrients to the muscles and make the trainee feel better. Agmatine is called super arginine for the reason that it can act up to 8 times stronger than a classic pomper. Agmatine has a very broad effect on the athlete's body. Not only does it cause vasodilation and a better pump. It has been proven that agmatine can lower cortisol levels, improve insulin sensitivity, speed up recovery, support good mood and counteract depression. What's more, agmatine may also gently improve appetite, which promotes the building of muscle mass.

Kilo Labs Key Pump dosage:

1 serving, 2 scoops, 16.3g 30 min before the gym.


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