• Centurion Labz Comfort 60 caps
  • Centurion Labz Comfort 60 caps

Centurion Labz Comfort 60 caps

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Centurion Labz Comfort digestive enzymes with probiotics!

Centurion Labz Comfort is an excellent blend to support digestion and intestinal health. The supplement contains up to 9 digestive enzymes supplemented with probiotics and prebiotics. The product is intended for all people who have problems with their digestive system. Its action helps to get rid of bothersome indigestion and prevents flatulence. The addition of probiotic bacteria guards the bacterial flora and your immunity. Take care of your intestines and enjoy your health to the full.

Centurion Labz Comfort includes:

  • Digestive enzymes,
  • Added probiotics,
  • Contains prebiotics for intestinal bacteria,
  • Supports digestion,
  • Eliminates indigestion,
  • Improves food absorption.

Probiotics in sport

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are very important supplements in a bodybuilder's diet. As we know, every figure-conscious person who wants to build more muscle mass is forced to eat more. The Centurion Labz Comfort product contains 9 different digestive enzymes with a powerful action to support the utilisation of nutrients. Its action breaks down the food you eat, making it easier to absorb nutrients. The more you are able to assimilate energy including protein, the more quality ingredients your muscles receive.

The comfort of the digestive system is particularly important for your immunity.

Centurion Labz Comfort composition:

1 serving, 2 capsules:

Amylase - 15,000 DU - The pancreas and salivary glands are the primary organs responsible for the production of the enzyme known as amylase. This enzyme is found in pancreatic juice. It can also be produced in smaller quantities by the secretory cells of the small intestinal mucosa. Through its action, starch and other complex sugars are converted into simple sugars.

Proteases - 60,000 HUT - Proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that are responsible for the hydrolysis of proteins. In research, they are assigned a number of functions. They take part in digestion, metabolic work, but are also responsible for maturation and ageing of the body. Proteolytic enzymes are particularly important for maintaining nitrogen balance in the body.

Lactase - 1000 ALU - an enzyme that digests the disaccharide lactose. It is particularly helpful for people who consume significant amounts of dairy. Lactase is produced in decreasing quantities as we age. All sources indicate that adults have no natural production of lactase.

Phytase - 75-endo-PGU - is an enzyme that aids the digestion of phytic acid, a substance found mainly in cereal products. Often people who have problems digesting high-grain cereals suffer from digestive complaints due to phytic acid, which is hard to digest.

Bromelain - 200 000 PU - belongs to substances of plant origin and is found naturally in pineapples. Many bodybuilders consume pineapple with meals rich in proteins to help break them down and obtain the necessary amino acids.

Cellulase - 1000 CU - is a digestive enzyme that affects the breakdown of cellulose. Cellulose enters our body in the form of fibre. The enzyme facilitates its breakdown, allowing the digestive system to work better.

Papain - 100 000 PU - papain is an enzyme of plant origin, and the name itself indicates where it is found. papain is extracted from the melon, or papaya. Its action is to digest proteins and hydrolyse peptides.

Invertase - 500 SU - an enzyme that is responsible for the hydrolysis of carbohydrates. Particularly important in the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose molecules.

Maltase - 300 DP - a digestive enzyme that is responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates. As the name suggests, maltase allows the hydrolysis of maltose. Maltose is formed as a result of the digestion of starch. It is found in the small intestine and breaks down maltose to glycogen.

Lactobacillus Plantarum - 20 trillion CFUs - Lactobacillus Plantarum bacterial strain is one of the most commonly used bacterial strains in probiotic supplements. It has a wide-ranging intestinal support effect, often used in people with irritable bowel. Its action is effective in strengthening immunity, improving digestion and reducing bloating. Probiotic bacteria are responsible for a number of bodily functions. Maintaining the intestinal flora is a key part of a healthy body.

Ginger Root Extract - 200 mg - ginger has a broad effect on the digestive system. It speeds up digestion by increasing the production of digestive enzymes, stimulates the salivary glands to produce saliva, but also affects the amount of bile. Ginger also has a flatulence-reducing effect, as well as helping to relieve nausea.

Fennel extract - 200 mg - fennel has strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is these actions that help to offset the unpleasant effects of indigestion. The extract supports the natural secretion of digestive enzymes, but also has inhibitory properties against, for example, diarrhoea. The diastolic effect is known especially from teas for children who suffer from colic. It helps to counteract excessive spasms in the intestinal tract and leads to the levelling of accumulated gas.

Centurion Labz Comfort dosage:

1 serving, 2 capsules per day

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