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MuscleTech, thanks to its full commitment to the company's development, created supplements known around the world and is now considered one of the leading brands of sports supplements. The elite American brand is a distributor in over 140 countries thanks to the latest high-quality products.

MuscleTech® offers a wide line of supplements intended for advanced athletes and amateurs. The products improve sports performance, and their use contributes to a muscular and lean body. The products in particular will meet the needs of avid sports enthusiasts who perform intense workouts to improve strength, endurance and body appearance.

MuscleTech® supplements are made from the highest quality ingredients using patented formulas and controlled production, helping to achieve the best results. The Bodyshock.pro store recommends, among others: high-quality Clear Muscle amino acids, Premium Whey Protein protein mix, SX-7 Black Onyx Pumped pre-workout pumping, Cell-Tech SX-7 creatine stack.