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Matrix Labs

Number of products: 14

Matrix Labs is a company specializing in the production of advanced SARM-based supplements. Selective androgen receptor modulators are strongly popular these days, and many companies offer poor quality products that have severely underestimated concentrations of active substances. Matrix Labs with its supplements goes out of the way, focusing on high quality products, high concentrations of active substances, as well as additives in the formulation, which further increase the effectiveness of supplementation.

Matrix Labs provides its customers not only with monopreparations, which have a single active ingredient in their composition, but also with so-called sarm stacks, whose compositions were developed by prominent scientists supporting the brand. You will also find the latest SARMs, which are not offered by other companies, and whose performance is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Examples of such products include R-150, which is the equivalent of the popular testolone, or the newer version of ligandrol LGD-3303.

The company's best-known and most powerful products are Titan, Icon, Ace and Olympian.