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Healthy Origins

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Healthy Origins is a supplement company that was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing high-quality health-promoting supplements. The founder of the brand is Barretta Eby. The owner himself indicates that he wants quality health supplements to be available on the market at an affordable price.

Healthy Origins is a manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements. The corporation was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Healthy Origins offers high quality products that are made from established suppliers from around the world.

Healthy Origins products are based on original formulas and strictly comply with cGMP criteria, the current good manufacturing practice standards imposed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The labels of Healthy Origins goods list all the ingredients used in the formulas, so there is no hidden data here that could be misleading. The company stresses that it does not use any hidden fillers that could compromise the bioavailability or integrity of their supplements. The products are intended to be simple, with clear and easy-to-read formulations, so that any person who trains will be satisfied with their supplementation.