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Eclipse is a US-based supplement company owned by Matthew Berstecher. The company with its products and history refers to the theme of the cosmos, the value of life, its harmony and quality. The company advertises itself as premium brand supplements that will allow you to reach the stars. The owner's goal is to create products that will meet the expectations of the most demanding athletes and, importantly, allow them to achieve success. The company is formed by people who sit in the subject of bodybuilding and strength sports from the practical side, so each product is well thought out and contains all the necessary ingredients that should be in the diet of a person who trains.

Eclipse is not just supplements for athletes. It's a lifestyle that the owners profess to support athletes' activities and make a real difference in your sports performance. Matthew Berstecher knows very well how important support is. That's why the company goes to great lengths and exemplifies its supplements, just like you support the Eclipse brand.

In the BodyShock.PRO store, the most popular supplements are the pre-workout Nibiru DMHA, the health-promoting Taurus supplement and the estrogen blocker Anta-Dron.