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Dragon Pharma

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A manufacturer of dietary supplements from the USA has developed a high-quality line of dietary supplements for professional athletes, both women and men. The preparations are an excellent support for professional bodybuilders and all fitness enthusiasts. The ingredients added to Dragon Pharma supplements are rigorously tested for purity and quality by independent laboratories in terms of their safety of use, to ensure the highest quality for consumers.

Dragon Pharma supplements are manufactured in a GMP certified manufacturing facility. Products for athletes consist only of effective ingredients aimed at improving sports performance and building a slim and muscular figure. The wide range of Dragon Pharma products will allow for noticeable progress in the gym to get the best results. Premium products among which we can find: pre-workout supplements, creatine, fat burners, supplements building muscle mass, amino acids.

Innovative recipes created by the American manufacturer also affect the health of athletes by supporting the body during intense training sessions. Among the bestsellers of the Bodyshock.pro store you can find: Liver Daily liver cleansing supplement, mind booster: Neuromorph, Immune Daily RX immunity booster, ATP Force pre-training booster.