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BlackSeries is a hardcore supplement brand from the USA that is focused on creating powerful and unrivalled products. The company makes sure that every batch that leaves their warehouses is fully consistent in terms of the composition and potency of each product, so users of BlackSeries products are fully satisfied with the performance of their products.

The brand offers supplements from the categories of pre-workouts, prohormones, SARMs, fat burners and thermogenics. Of course, all products are further fortified with ingredients designed to take you to a whole new level of supplementation.

The RIOT pre-workout contains DMAA, Hordenine and Alpha Yohimbine. Prohormones LOKI and H-QUEEN. Of particular note here is H-QUEEN, which is based on natural prohormones of plant origin. The supplement is dedicated to women who want to strongly support their training. SARM products include the super-powerful LAG, Ostarin and Cardarine. These are some of the best-performing SARMs, which have been proven to work in many scientific publications. The whole is rounded off by the hardcore burner Dr RIP - Doctor Death!

In the shop you will find their powerful prohormone LOKI, which is even raved about by people who like this type of remedy. This is one of the most powerful prohormone stacks, which contains as many as 5 active ingredients with tremendous potency.