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Bio-Kem Nutrition

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Bio-Kem Nutrition is an American manufacturer of nutritional supplements for advanced athletes. High-quality sports supplements help achieve rapid muscle mass gain, promote fat burning, increase testosterone levels and boost endurance. All products included in the range contain the most effective anabolic compounds, and results have confirmed their effectiveness and safety of use.

Of particular note is the STANO 200 product, which is based on 5aOHP and 1,4-OHP. 5aOHP is a substance belonging to the group of methoxyisoflavones, substances which exhibit strong effects supporting the growth of muscle mass. Furthermore, it shows a strong protein-utilising effect for building muscle mass. The second ingredient, 1,4-OHP, which is converted to DHT, is a potent prohormonal ingredient that perfectly supports the growth of muscle mass and strongly builds strength.

Bio-Kem Nutrition is constantly enriching its range, gaining a very good reputation among users and sports supplementation specialists. Above all, their products meet the expectations of advanced people. Top sellers undoubtedly include the new geranium-based pre-trainer Bio Rage DMAA, Test Plexx - which increases muscle mass and boosts testosterone levels.