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Axe and Sledge is the American official brand of IFBB Pro athlete Seth Feroce-a brand that specialises in sports supplementation. The company not only offers a product to support exercise, but is also known for its extensive pro-health line, focused on supporting the digestive system, immunity, heart and circulatory system and hydration, among others.

Axe and Sledge places a high emphasis on the quality of the supplements it markets. They are designed to be well-designed in terms of composition and synergy of action, and most importantly to fit in with the needs of active people. As Seth puts it, 'Axe and Sledge supplements are created with the really hard working athlete in mind'. Looking at the composition of the individual formulations, one will come to the conclusion that there are no random ingredients.

Axe and Sledge is guided by four slogans in their business:

  • Loyalty
  • Hard work
  • Honesty
  • Pride

The company isn't just about dietary supplements, it's about a community that brings together hard-training individuals. The brand also has clothing lines that are designed with hardcore workouts in mind.

The most well-known supplements are: Dozer, Hydraulic, Peak-O2, GDA+.