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Apocalypse Labz

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Apocalypse Labz is a US-based manufacturer of high-quality supplements that founded its company in 2016. The aim of the brand is to provide powerful formulations that have very potent active ingredients. The main goal of the brand, is to provide peri-workout supplements that are designed to help you perform even the hardest strength training!

Apocalypse Labz creates its supplements based on scientific knowledge, where the use of substances that work synergistically creates truly powerful products. The supplements are not only designed to give a powerful boost, but also provide ingredients with a nootropic effect, which translates into a completely new training experience.

Apocalypse Labz bases its products primarily on effective components to create great quality fat burners, pre-workout supplements and BCAA amino acids. Bestsellers among BodyShock.Pro customers include the pre-workout Feral Pre and the excellent fat-burning Acid Rain.

Feral is a pre-workout with a nootropic effect, based on high-quality alpha yohimbine. In addition, it contains agmatine for an excellent pumping effect. Acid Rain, on the other hand, is a powerful fat burner in powder form. This is a less common form of administration these days, but it enjoys a high level of effectiveness. Acid Rain is based on two forms of yohimbine, which perfectly burn the most resistant fat!