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ABSN is one of the top supplement companies in India. The brand aims to provide comprehensive and advanced supplementation for athletes. ABNS also offers products that aim to enhance our wellbeing, to support us pro-health. When looking at the compositions of the individual products, it is noticeable that they have a very rich list of active substances that show unique effects.

The company focuses on complex formulations, providing only those ingredients that have a real impact on improving sports performance. In addition, the owners of the brand strive to ensure that their products are free from unnecessary ingredients, such as added sugar, and are based only on ingredients of natural origin.

The company offers high-quality protein supplements based on whey protein concentrate, but also the advanced protein Goldinium Iso Whey, which contains a blend of whey protein isolate WPI and whey protein hydrolysate WPH. ABNS also offers two types of pre-workouts ISOBLAST and 440 Volt. Noteworthy is the health-promoting Daily 1 supplement, a multivitamin that is manufactured in Switzerland to confirm the high quality of the product.

Our attention was particularly drawn to the fat burner Svelte PRO, which has a mega-strong composition. It contains DMHA, Yohimbine HCL and Yohimbine Extract, Dendrobium, Octopamine or Halostachin HCL, among others. The burner provides a very powerful effect, strong thermogenesis and fast fat reduction.