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Hardcore Non-Hormonal cycle to increase muscle mass by Bodyshock.pro

Hardcore Non-Hormonal cycle to increase muscle mass by Bodyshock.pro

Today I show the cycle for all those, who haven't yet passed of the dark side of power, but want to intensify their effects in the gym. The article is intended for people who already have an adventure with popular dietary supplements such as Bcaa, Creatine, Amino acids, but for some reasons they are not (yet) convinced of such measures as prohormones or sarms.

I would like to emphasize that in every sport the most important is a properly balanced diet, each of you who wants to achieve your dream figure should focus on this piece of the puzzle ... And if you've done your homework and your diet is tailored to the goal you want to achieve, you know how much you eat calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats throughout the day then you can get on with the rest of the reading, otherwise you will not use the potential of supplements, which I will describe in a moment.

The following cycle can be successfully used both during building muscle mass and reducing body fat. To start a cycle that will lead you to a vital form without the use of agents that seriously interfere with your hormonal system, you will need:

The Best Testosterone booster that will raise your natural level to the maximum level you can achieve naturally or even just above the natural limit! A high level of testosterone will allow you to get such benefits as: faster growth of lean muscle mass, accelerated regeneration, improvement of libido and erection. Testosterone is the main hormone conditioning the construction of our muscles. He is also responsible for our behavior. Low levels of testosterone cause faster fat deposition, poorer muscle quality and difficulty in building them. The testosterone level in a man is determined mainly by genetics - so some of us have easier at the start, and those who are not the lucky ones should read the following text all the more. However, this does not change the fact that the environment and the environment also have an effect on testosterone levels. Stress, depression, irregular sleep, inadequate nutrition can significantly affect the low level of our male hormone. In short, poor quality of life = low testosterone.

Aromatase inhibitor that will lower the level of female sex hormones (Estrogen) by changing the proportions of Testosterone: Estrogen in your favor. Estrogen is a female hormone responsible for the accumulation of water, body fat, and makes it difficult to build muscle mass. In extreme cases, it causes gynecomastia in men, which manifests itself in hypertrophy of the gland in the nipples, which in effect looks very unattractive. The overall ratio of testosterone to estrogen decreases with age and it is believed that increased levels of estrogen and some of its toxic metabolites contribute to the development of diseases associated with aging (prostate, gynecomastia, coronary diseases).

Pre-workout supplement or fat burner, which has the task to deliver energy, increase endurance and endurance, and to speed up recovery after physical exertion. In the case of fat tissue burner, it is obvious that in addition to the aforementioned advantages it is intended to help lipolysis (breakdown) of adipose tissue. A good pre-workout product should consist of stimulants + nitric oxide booster + support additives. The list of stimulants is very wide and everyone should choose the one that works best for him. The most popular stimulants are caffeine, dmaa and dmha. When it comes to nitrogen oxide boosters, the choice is not less, the most popular are arginine, citrulline and agmatine. Additives that the producers most often use are beta-alanine, tyrosine, taurine and creatine. Their aim is to bind the ingredients into a synergistic whole.

Cortisol blocker that will lower the level of this unwanted hormone. Many of you are struggling with the problem of high cortisol without even knowing about it, unfortunately this hormone often "blocks" us in further progress either in building muscle mass or reducing body fat. And now a few sentences about the hated hormone ... Now we live in times that expose us to constant stress - work, school problems in the family. In response to these stressful events, the body responds with the release of the stress hormone cortisol. In the body, cortisol is a potential signal for two things - increase the appetite and store fat. It means that being under stress, increased amount of cortisol in the body "gives a sign" to the brain that it is hungry, while our fat cells try to store as much fat as possible. The increase in the concentration of this hormone causes a negative nitrogen balance in the body, which is why it is assigned catabolic action. Cortisol, by attacking the muscles, causes them to block the processes of protein synthesis and the severity of their breakdown, which is the reason for your stagnation. Now you know why a good cortisol inhibitor will help us build a dream figure. I will just add that powerful agents such as prohormones and sarms are great inhibitors of cortisol, but we have to cope differently because our cycle is to be non-hormonal

Creatine or creatine stack - the task of this component is hydration of muscles creating an anabolic environment inside, moreover, as you know, creatine is the best supplement increasing our strength which translates into the possibility of lifting higher weights, which lead to more muscle damage, which is important, because we will be our body in a state of high anabolism and every damaged muscle fiber will quickly re-grow stronger. Further describing the effects of creatine does not make sense because I hope that each of you before you reach for the "Hardcore cycle" has a few less hardcore ones;) As for the form of creatine that we use, there is no major difference. People with a larger wallet can use stacks, and those who are more economical of ordinary monohydrate - the effect in this case will be very similar.

Which products prove to be the best and how to combine it all together? Usually, it is impossible to clearly choose the best product, because each of them has something in itself that I will allow myself to present my TOP 3, each of you with the products mentioned by me will be able to arrange your dream cycle!
Testosterone booster: Hi-Tech Bulasterone
Aromatase inhibitor: Centurion Labz E-Liminate
Pre-workout: Centurion Labz Rage (pre-workout with stimulants)
Cortisol inhibitor: Brawn Corti-Lean
Creatine Stenosis: Locked Down

Testosterone booster: Brawn Nutrition Test Complete
Aromatase inhibitor: Brawn Nutrition Arimistane-30
Pre-workout: Centurion Labz Blood Rush (pre-workout without stimulants)
Cortisol inhibitor: SSN Reduce Xt
Creatine stack: Universal Storm

Testosterone booster: Performax Alphamax
Aromatase inhibitor: Pure Labs Clomadex
Fat Burner: Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex
Cortisol inhibitor: AX Lean FX
Creatine stack: Trec CM3 500g

Regarding the dosage of the above-mentioned supplements, you can suggest the dosage given by the manufacturer or contact us by chat / phone for professional advice.