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  • Corti-Lean 120 caps
  • Corti-Lean 120 caps

Corti-Lean 120 caps

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Brawn Nutrition Corti-Lean 120 caps cortisol blocker

Brawn Nutrition Corti-Lean 120 caps cortisol blocker - this is one of the most interesting products that have appeared recently and we can easily call it the first anabolic fat burner. It perfectly influences the proportions of the figure and affects our well-being and the production of natural hormones.

Brawn Nutrition Corti-Lean 120 caps is:

  • Blocks cortisol,
  • Supports fat burning,
  • Improves anabolic capabilities,
  • Accelerates the reduction of stubborn fat,
  • Reduces stress.

How does Brawn Nutrition Corti-Lean 120 caps cortisol blocker work?

Corti-Lean is a great supplement for people striving for significant and lasting changes in body shape. It contains only high doses of active ingredients with proven effectiveness at various levels, which makes us feel the real effect after the first few portions. What is important is not another slimming product, but slimming our body which at the same time cares in a real way for the muscle mass we have to work so hard for. During the reduction process, very often we lose too much muscle and the effect of lost kilograms is a bit cheated, because even if there are less, it does not translate into the attractiveness of our figure.
Corti Lean meets the expectations of the most demanding people who know what they are striving for and what effects they want to achieve. The main aspect of its effectiveness is the use of many metabolic pathways to obtain an athletic figure. The key is to lower the level of the stress hormone - cortisol. Too high His level not only lowers our muscle tissue, but also the ability to regenerate, disturbs sleep and changes the mood in an uncontrolled way. It also affects the retention of fat in extremely sensitive points of our body, such as the lower parts of the back.
Corti-Lean is perfect for people intolerant to smokers with stimulants, as a lipolysis enhancing supplement, as well as supplementing another thermogenic supplement. Most importantly, Brawn Corti Lean does not have a negative impact on increased appetite or mood swings and headaches as is the case with supplements filled with stimulants. It works great at every stage of reduction, both as an injection of motivation to start working on your figure, and also as a measure on the so-called the last touch.

Brawn Nutrition Corti-Lean 120 caps cortisol blocker composition:

Ashwaghanda 5: 1 - It has huge adaptogenic properties, and thus helps the body to adapt to the current conditions (including intensity of stress, training load, etc.). Each serving supports vital forces and maintains homeostasis conditioning well-being. It strengthens the psychophysical state and intensifies resistance to stress. It is recommended to all people who are struggling with frequent stressors and athletes who are looking for a natural way to improve the achieved effects.

Forskolin 95% - It is a type of enzyme that stimulates other enzymes to regulate the growth of muscle mass and initiate fat loss processes. Conversion of adenosine triphosphate acid (ATP) into cAMP - Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate, which is the most important regulator of the body responsible for the intensification of fat breakdown in fat cells. This compound provides accelerated fat transport to muscle cells for its burning.

7-Keto - increases the effect of triiodothyronine (T3 thyroid hormone), thereby activating thermogenesis in the body, which aims to produce as much heat as possible. The more energy is delivered, the faster fat loss will occur, and what's related to it - also weight. 7-Keto has a positive effect on the action of cortisol, which is sometimes called the "killer hormone". In the liver, the 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 enzyme stimulates inactive steroids, for example, converts cortisone to cortisol. 7-Oxo attaches to this enzyme, preventing corticosteroids. As a result, the level of these hormones (especially cortisol) is lower, because less of them is converted into active forms.

Acerola Powder 25% - Acerola has unique nutritional properties. It contains the most vitamin C of all fruits - more than 30 times more than the famous lemon.

Brawn Nutrition Corti-Lean 120 caps cortisol blocker dosage:

2 capsules twice a day.

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