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  • Sarma-Com Sicko Mode 282g
  • Sarma-Com Sicko Mode 282g

Sarma-Com Sicko Mode 282g

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Sarma-Com Sicko Mode a powerful no-booster with DMHA!

Sarma-Com Sicko Mode is an advanced pre-workout with a strong pumping effect. Sicko Mode has been supplemented with DMHA, a very powerful stimulant which raises your training potential. The product strongly stimulates and gives you energy to perform. The significant addition of pumpers will take your muscle pump to a whole new level. Sarma-Com is a brand known for very interesting supplement solutions. The Sicko Mode product fits perfectly into the company's operation. The supplement tops the market with its innovative formulation, which effectively boosts your training capabilities.

Sarma-Com Sicko Mode is:

  • A powerful no-booster,
  • Powerful stimulation thanks to DMHA,
  • Increase in muscle strength,
  • Highly intense workouts.

Sarma-Com Sicko Mode a huge muscle pump and boost in one product.

The pre-workout booster Sicko Mode is designed to support your body to the maximum during a workout. A very high number of pumps, including the advanced arginine NO3-T, allow you to enjoy a very large muscle pump of unprecedented magnitude. The product works very well as a no-booster. The stimulant and nootropic additives, in turn, allow for a significant increase in focus, concentration and exercise intensity.

Sarma-Com Sicko Mode composition:

1 serving, 13.4 g:


L-Cytrulline - 7,000 mg - a huge dose of citrulline at 7 g is a very good solution if you want a maximum pump. The action of citrulline allows for increased synthesis of arginine. Arginine, in turn, increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, which translates into improved muscle and circulatory performance. Citrulline also has the ability to increase muscular endurance.

Beta-alanine - 3200 mg - the effects of beta-alanine are widely used in endurance sports. Undoubtedly, it is one of the ingredients whose action allows for long-lasting muscle performance. Beta-alanine causes an increase in carnosine in muscles. It allows faster regeneration and increases the intensity of training.

Arginine Nitrate NO3-T - 1200 mg - is a very powerful nitric oxide booster, which also has a long list of additional benefits. First and foremost, NO3-T lasts longer than classic boosters. The supplement can maintain increased nitric oxide synthesis for up to several hours. Arginine Nitrate also helps to improve nervous system function and adds strength and endurance.


Caffeine Anhydrous - 375 mg - an essential stimulant widely used in sport. Caffeine affects adenosine receptors in the nervous system. It increases energy levels, reduces fatigue and improves mood. Caffeine also has a thermogenic effect. It improves metabolic function and allows for better energy utilisation.

DMHA - 180 mg - a very strong stimulant, strongly increases the activity of neurotransmitters and gives a strong energy boost, which lasts for 2-3 hours. 2-aminoisoheptane also allows for an increase in cognitive abilities. The nootropic effect results in improved concentration, better focus and increased motivation. Find out more about DMHA in this article on the reviewsuppz.com blog

L-Theanine - 120 mg - is a non-protein amino acid that is naturally present in green tea. Because it is able to pass through the barrier that separates the blood from the brain, it has nootropic properties. It regulates mood, induces feelings of calmness and relieves symptoms of worry and tension. It enhances cognitive function, work performance and learning efficiency. Researchers have shown that theanine is beneficial in increasing concentration, alertness and productivity.

Theacrine - 100 mg - a substance similar in effect to caffeine, but it does not cause an overly rapid stimulation. Theacrine has a subtle effect. Supporting wakefulness and well-being. In the Sicko Mode pre-workout supplement, its action is to sustain the function of the other stimulant ingredients.

Methylliberine - 50 mg - kutcha leaf as Dynamine - also known as methoxylic acid, is a substance whose action is similar to caffeine. However, the substance is characterised by a very fast action. It is intended to act as a so-called jump starter, i.e. to give a quick shot of energy to the body, which will be sustained by the other ingredients contained in Sicko Mode.

Infinergy - 50 mg - or di-caffeine malate is a type of caffeine with a special effect that does not cause energy drops. The combination of caffeine with malic acid effectively enhances its absorption, which increases its potency. Infinergy is characterised by the fact that it has an extended half-life. Its effect diminishes gradually, preventing you from feeling a sudden drop in energy.

Yohimbine HCL - 2 mg - is yohimbine hydrochloride in its pure form. It is usually extracted synthetically. Yohimbine HCL is a single alkaloid that is found in Yohimbe extracts. Yohimbine HCL is the best-known form of yohimbine, which is widely used in fat burners or as a single substance. Yohimbine affects neurotransmitter levels, stimulates thermogenic processes and enhances fat breakdown. It allows for a good stimulation and increases the intensity of exercise.

Toothed Club Moss - 700 mcg - standardised at 1% huperzine - the extract contains huperzine, which acts by increasing cognitive abilities. Huperzine has the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. This means that it can exhibit a much stronger nootropic effect. The action of huperzine increases concentration, allowing you to focus better on your training. Its action also increases exercise capacity.


Black Pepper Extract - 10 mg - Black pepper extract is an additive that intensifies the effects of the supplement's ingredients. The piperine contained in the extract has an effect on the metabolic activity of the liver. This allows for better utilisation of the ingredients, their greater absorption, which in turn allows the product to act more potently.

Sarma-Com Sicko Mode dosage:

1 serving, 13.4 grams, 30 min pre-workout.


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