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  • Power Mass Stack 60 caps
  • Power Mass Stack 60 caps
  • Power Mass Stack 60 caps

Power Mass Stack 60 caps

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Hammer Labz Power Mass Stack 60 caps sarm stack

Hammer Labz is a new producer of dietary supplements from the USA. The wide product range includes supplements with strong, active ingredients for advanced athletes. Effective operation and strong formulas, as well as testing and analysis of each batch of products by independent laboratories ensure the highest care for the consumer. High-quality products in clinical doses ensure the best sports results. Innovative recipes created by Hammer Labz have a chance to become leading among pre-workout supplements, muscle building preparations, prohormones, sarms and fat burners.

Hammer Labz Power Mass Stack is:

  • A combination of 3 strong SARMs,
  • Increase in pure muscle mass,
  • Builds strength
  • Improves the composition of the figure,
  • It has a strong anabolic effect

Hammer Labz Power Mass Stack is a combination of three strong sarms: MK-2866, LGD-4033 and RAD-140.

Hammer Labz Power Mass Stack a combination of three strong sarmas: MK-2866, LGD-4033 and RAD-140. A high-quality supplement recommended for the mass cycle noticeably increases muscle mass without accumulating body fat. The preparation is one of the strongest anabolic preparations available on the market. Perfectly improves the appearance of the figure, does not cause side effects, which is why it is often used by athletes. Mass Stack provides sculpted muscles, maximum strength during training and enhances the results of exercise in the gym.

MK-2866 - ostarine - a selective androgen receptor modulator, has a strong effect comparable to testosterone. As one of the strongest anabolics, it intensifies the processes of muscle tissue synthesis ensuring high increases in lean body mass and loss of unwanted fat. Works great in the regeneration of joints and tendons, and also improves bone mineralization. This is an excellent preparation for people who want to improve the appearance of the figure without side effects. Compared to steroids, it doesn't convert to estrogen. Ostarine is not susceptible to the action of enzymes catalyzing reductase and aromatase, thus minimizing the undesirable effects that are attributed to excessive amounts of testosterone needed to achieve similar anabolism. The product does not cause androgenetic alopecia, skin blemishes or prostate gland hypertrophy. Another benefit of sarmu is that after the cycle you don't need PCT products for the so-called flare because MK-2866 does not block the HPTA axis. Increased collagen production perfectly improves the appearance of the skin, reducing scars and increases elasticity, preventing stretch marks.

LGD-4033 - ligandrol - a selective androgen receptor modulator, however, not having a steroid structure. It works by attaching to the androgen receptor, which in turn translates into increased anabolic processes in skeletal muscle, leading to weight gain. It is probably the strongest legal anabolic on the market, discovered in the medical field, where it was used to treat muscle wasting in the fight against various diseases. Despite the relatively low popularity, clinical studies confirm its effectiveness already at a relatively low dose, which allows to minimize any side effects of the product.

Rad-140 - testolone - the use of sarmu leads to increased anabolic processes in the body, in addition, it allows you to obtain a higher density and increase in muscle mass. Recommended for athletes to increase endurance, muscle strength, and to improve the overall fitness of the body. The compound does not cause side effects that are attributed to testosterone, such as a negative effect on the prostate or other internal organs. It is also not accumulated in the body in the form of DHT, which among other things reduces the risk of hair loss.

Hammer Labz Power Mass Stack 60 caps sarm stack dosage:

1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

A PCT (unblock) is recommended after the cycle is completed. 


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Users reviews
Number of reviews: 5 Average score: 4.80
Author: Jonh, Waverley House
i've tried many products but this one is the best! Extremely effective. Big weight gain
Author: Roman, Tampere
wtf? in pack only 56 caps!
Author: Viktor, Bålsta
Power mass stack is great for putting on lean muscle and galning strengh. Been using for a month now and i feel awesome. If you want to notice fast galns and put some heavy work in the gym, this is the best choice for you.
Author: Marek, Warszawa
Very good brand i recommend this !
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