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  • Neuro Amps BPC-157 60 caps
  • Neuro Amps BPC-157 60 caps

Neuro Amps BPC-157 60 caps

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Neuro Amps BPC-157 with SARM and Phenibut! 

Neuro Amps BPC-157 is an advanced dietary supplement from the growth hormone booster group, and fast recovery supplements. The product is geared towards maximum recovery. 1 serving of the supplement provides as much as 1 mg of BPC 157 with strong anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. The supplement enables a very fast recovery, supports muscle repair processes, but also protects the nervous system.

Neuro Amps BPC-157 is:

  • Growth hormone booster,
  • Recovery support,
  • Faster recovery from injury,
  • Increased muscle mass,
  • Improved nervous system function.

How does Neuro Amps BPC-157 work?

Regeneration is a key part of building athletic form. Without good regeneration, we cannot afford to train hard to give us muscle mass gains. Neuro Amps BPC-157 is a dietary supplement designed to maximise the repair processes in the body, thanks to its high BPC-157 content!

What is BPC-157?

Body Protective Compound 157, also known as BPC-157, is formulated with natural peptides found in our bodies. In addition, the supplement contains ingredients designed to support the effects of BPC-157. Each of these has its own potential benefits, and together they form a very good blend that affects a number of health aspects, as well as exercise parameters.

So what are the benefits of using BPC-157? For a start, it manifests itself as a noticeable improvement in the body's ability to rebuild damaged tissues and fight inflammation. For this reason, BPC-157 is indicated for people who are struggling with the aftermath of injuries. BPC-157 also supports the digestive system and intestines very well. People who suffer, for example, from digestive problems including more advanced diseases such as stomach ulcers, can also benefit from BPC.

The supplement also has a supportive effect on the nervous system including memory. Thanks to the Phenibut in the formulation, as well as the relaxation components, Neuro Amps effectively supports mental and physical health.

How does BPC 157 work?

According to several scientific publications, BPC 157 can induce our body to form new blood vessels (capillaries). This means that it creates new capillary tissue, which significantly speeds up the nourishment of damaged structures, as well as improving their function. It also increases levels of the growth factor IGF, as well as boosting collagen synthesis. These actions, when combined together, give very good regenerative and repairing results indeed.

Neuro Amps BPC-157 composition:

1 serving, 3 capsules:

Bio Relaxing Extract 830 mg - this is a combination of natural extracts that has been developed by Neuro Amps. It contains: white willow bark, green tea, guarana, valerian, passion flower, chamomile, hops and grape seeds. Most of these compounds have an effect on the body, by calming and quieting it. The mixture promotes relaxation, allows us to fall asleep faster, get rid of the rush of thoughts and put us into a deeper sleep. Good quality sleep is the basis for rapid recovery.

Phenibut - 750 mg - belongs to the nootropic substances that cross the blood-brain barrier and exert their effect directly on the neurological system, similar to GABA. This action provides two benefits in one. The first benefit is that it has a soothing and stress-reducing effect. In addition to this, phenibut has a nootropic effect, meaning that it can increase our cognitive abilities (such as memory or concentration). Phenibut supplementation gives us a better ability to interact with others. It makes us feel more confident.

L-theanine - 100 mg - is the most essential active ingredient found in green tea leaves. Nowadays, even medical professionals are beginning to praise its soothing effects, which are perfectly useful in a stressed world. L-theanine is a natural supplement that helps people sleep better and relax more easily.

Magnesium (magnesium citrate) - 100 mg - is a mineral that is essential for healthy nervous system function. Magnesium citrate is a form of magnesium that is characterised by very good absorption. Magnesium influences the degree of relaxation, is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, but also has an effect on bone mineralisation, for example. Magnesium deficiencies can significantly increase emotional excitability.

TPGS vitamin E - 15 mg - is water-soluble. This increases its absorption and makes its effect greater than conventional tocopherols. Due to the significant antioxidant activity it possesses, vitamin E is a very important nutrient for our brain. Furthermore, it allows the other ingredients to work more effectively.

Piperine 95% - 15 mg - Black pepper extract, which has 95% piperine - some of the compounds discussed above have fairly low bioavailability. Fortunately for us, the piperine that pepper contains can effectively increase the bioavailability of the compounds. As a result, the potency of the supplement will increase and we will take full advantage of its properties.
Naringenin - 15 mg - is a chemical compound that can be found in citrus fruits. It has been shown to have neuroprotective properties, meaning that it protects our neurons from deterioration. Additionally, it affects the absorption capacity of the active compounds contained in the product.

Anamorelin - 3 mg - known as ONO-764 is a ghrelin mimetic. This chemical acts in a similar manner to MK-677. It has a significant effect on increasing the levels of both growth hormone and IGF-1. This chemical is relatively new to the market in Europe, but is nevertheless widely used in Japan and other countries as a treatment for people who have had severe weight loss, e.g. in cachectic diseases. Studies conducted in the laboratory showed that ONO-764 had a strong anabolic effect. It allows rapid strength development and significantly accelerates the process of muscle protein synthesis. Anamorelin has a very good effect on recovery time. It allows us to train harder and protects our muscles from catabolism.

BPC-157 - 1 mg - the peptide known as BPC 157 is made up of an amino acid sequence that is identical to that found in human gastric juice. Simply put, it is what maintains the health of our stomach and intestines, and it is for this reason that BPC 157 has been identified as a possible treatment for various disorders that affect the gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers, acid reflux, diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome. BPC 157 appears to have the unique potential to repair a wide variety of ailments, including torn muscles, pulled tendons, damaged ligaments, damaged joints, inflammation and even open wounds.


Neuro Amps BPC-157 dosage:

1 serving, 3 capsules before bedtime.



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