• GAT PumpTropic 266g
  • GAT PumpTropic 266g

GAT PumpTropic 266g

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GAT PumpTropic 266 g is a revolutionary no booster that targets maximum muscle pump and nootropic effects. GAT is known for its solid and innovative products that feature solid performance. PumpTropic features cutting-edge supplementation such as the addition of Nitrosigne, a highly effective form of arginine that causes maximum nitric oxide synthesis. In scientific studies, Nitrosigne is 5 times more potent than a similar dose of l-citrulline! What's more, the action of no-booster is complemented by a complex which is designed to maximally increase the amount of water in muscle cells. As a result, apart from the impression of tight muscles, you get a powerful anabolic effect!

  • Effect of GAT PumpTropic:
  • Innovative formula,
  • Nitrosigne additive,
  • Maximum muscle pump,
  • Increased hypertrophy,
  • Anabolic support,
  • Powerful nootropic effect,
  • Strong concentration and focus,
  • Increased muscle activity.

Why should you take GAT PumpTropic?
The supplement is an innovative combination of active compounds which not only stimulate nitric oxide, but also increase the amount of water in muscle cells. Here we are dealing with two mechanisms of action on the sensation of muscle pump, which perfectly complement each other. On the one hand, cells increase their volume due to more water and glycogen. On the other hand, an increase in nitric oxide causes a greater influx of blood.

The nootropic matrix is also worth noting. The supplement does not have strong stimulants in its composition, and its action is more focused on improving the function of the nervous system. The synergistic action of the nootropic compounds means that you get a product with strong support for focus and concentration. People who are not fond of strong stimulants will be fully satisfied with the action of GAT PumpTropic here.

1 serving, 6.55 g:
Mega Pump Cell Swell Matrix: a pumping and hypertrophic complex
Betaine - has a very wide range of effects in the human body, and one of them is the increase in muscle pumps. Betaine is contained in red beet roots. Its action effectively stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which affects vasodilation and increased blood flow during exercise. Betaine also effectively enhances the absorption of other elements of the supplementation.

Hydro Prime - Glycerol Powder - Glycerol Powder is also a patented formula of glycerol which has been shown to effectively support muscle pumping. It is important to note here that this action does not rely on nitric oxide stimulation. Glycerol is designed to significantly increase the amount of water in muscle cells, which also increases the amount of muscle glycogen. The sensations are similar to those of stimulating nitric oxide, but they last much longer and are anabolic in nature.

Sodium Glycerophosphate - this is sodium in the form of glycerophosphate. Sodium is one of the most important electrolytes for maintaining optimal hydration levels in cells. Its combination with phosphorus is designed to keep muscle cells working efficiently by keeping them properly hydrated as well as producing energy. In addition, the molecule ensures that the muscles are as hydrated as possible, allowing for a significant increase in the amount of water in the cells.

Potassium Glycerophosphate - this is a modern molecule made of potassium, glycerol and phosphorus. This combination is intended to increase the effectiveness of potassium itself, but also provides other ingredients, which results in synergism of action of individual active substances. The molecule is designed to increase the amount of water in the muscle cell, which translates into an increase in the so-called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

Mind 2 Muscle Nootropic Matrix: a nootropic and stimulating complex
L-tyrosine - tyrosine belongs to the group of protein amino acids. Its action effectively supports the nervous system by supporting the synthesis of catecholamines. It assists in the production of dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline. Tyrosine also affects the centers responsible for pain and pleasure sensations. It effectively increases the level of focus and concentration. It allows you to direct your thoughts more towards the task at hand.

DMAE - dimethylaminoethanol is an organic compound which belongs to the so-called group of amino alcohols. DMAE has stimulating properties for the central nervous system. However, this effect is more subtle, nootropic, which is more reminiscent of choline in action. As a precursor of acetylcholine, it effectively increases cognitive abilities. In sports supplementation, it is used for its support in strength training, allowing for greater training efficiency.

Lion's Mane - or coneflower - is a type of mushroom that exhibits potent nootropic effects. It is rich in active compounds such as erinacins, beta glucans, hericenones, erinaceolactones, glycoproteins, sterols, vitamins, minerals. Its action effectively supports thought processes, improves concentration, accelerates learning. What is more, its adaptogenic action effectively increases exercise capacity, allowing you to perform more intensive workouts.

Choline Bitartrate - is choline in a much more accessible form, which significantly increases the effectiveness of supplementation. Choline is one of the precursors of acetylcholine in the human body, so its action effectively translates into increased exercise potential. Choline helps nourish brain tissue, supporting the growth of oxygen and sugar in the brain. Its action also supports fat metabolism, which makes it easier for the liver to work.

Alpha GPC - or choline alphosphate - is a form of vitamin B4 with good bioavailability, which significantly increases its potency. Alpha GPC can be classified as a nootropic substance, as it strongly affects cognitive function. Its action effectively increases the level of concentration, supports concentration, allows you to perform a longer physical and mental effort. In scientific studies, the use of Alpha GPC contributed to a significant increase in muscle strength.

Nitrosigne - inositol stabilized arginine silicate - is a form of arginine which is much more stable than the free amino acid. Its action is the same as classical arginine, however its bioavailability is much higher. Studies using nitrosigne have shown that around 1.5g of the substance acts in a similar way to 8g of l-citrulline, which greatly increases the effectiveness of supplementation with no boosters.

Recommended Dosage: 1 serving, 30 min before workout.


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