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  • EB Prebuild 600g
  • EB Prebuild 600g

EB Prebuild 600g

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Everbuild Prebuild 600g pre-workout

PREBUILD by Everbuild is a unique dietary supplement, developed specifically to increase mental and physical condition during training. This product comes from the Elite series and is intended for experienced users who know what their body needs during intense exercise. Prebuild is an ALL IN ONE product, which means that when you use it you can forget about carrying a bag full of supplements, from now on Prebuild is enough for you. Prebuild is a synergistic combination of essential vitamins and minerals that are needed during intense exercise, electrolytes, and a high dose of BCAA - up to 5 grams! and substances that increase the level of energy and focus, such as Beta-alanine, Creapure creatine, synephrine or hupericine. The substances contained in Prebuild promote the development of dry muscle mass, loss of fat tissue and support post-training regeneration.

EB Prebuild pre-workout operation:

  • Significant muscle pump,
  • Strength increase,
  • Stimulation,
  • Increased focus and concentration,
  • Increasing endurance,
  • Support in building muscle mass

Prebuild pre-workout includes, among others:

Citrulline Malate 2:1 - Participates in nitric oxide (NO) and phosphocreatine synthesis and aerobic glucose ametabolism, thereby increasing oxygen, glucose, amino acid, and creatine uptake and energy production through muscle cells. Reduces lactic acid and ammonia concentrations in the muscles, allowing the body to recover energy faster by increasing creatine phosphate levels and ATP resynthesis. Citrulline malate is a much more effective form than high doses of arginine, as it is a precursor to arginine. At the same dosage as arginine, it is more effective at increasing the amount of arginine in the body than arginine alone.

BCAA 4:1:1 - Increases protein synthesis, which has a direct impact on shaping muscularity. More protein results in a more intense secretion of anabolic hormone compounds such as growth hormone. Thanks to them, the growth of muscle fibers is much more efficient, and they also effectively protect them against the destructive effects of catabolic processes.

Beta-Alanine - the main function of this amino acid is not to increase the volume of muscle cells, but to increase levels of carnosine in muscles. The effect. Both during aerobic and anaerobic exercise, the process of skeletal muscle acidification is significantly slowed down. In practice, this translates into harder, more intensive, and more effective workouts. Both endurance and muscle power increase.

L-Carnitine Tarate - Provides energy, has a positive effect on health, helps burn fat, and improves physical performance. L-Carnitine is involved in fat metabolism - it enables the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are converted into useful energy.

Creapure - The only clinically tested form of creatine is CreaPure. The best creatine monohydrate is made in Germany. It facilitates energy (ATP) production, enhances anabolic processes and stimulates muscle protein growth, enhances muscle contraction strength, and increases muscle cell hydration. It also has strong anti-catabolic properties and significantly accelerates post-workout regeneration.

Betaine Hcl - by binding with hydrochloric acid, it changes the pH inside the stomach, improving the digestion environment and the conditions for vital food bacteria. This significantly facilitates the breakdown of food, which in turn contributes to faster regeneration after training. Betaine contributes to correct protein digestion; improperly digested proteins may contribute to stomach problems such as bloating or heartburn.

Taurine - is an amino acid with particularly high concentrations in developing bodies. It influences cognitive abilities and is often recommended as an effective form of support for learners. It improves mental function and has a positive effect on mood. Taurine's effectiveness in this area is so significant that it is recommended as one of the means of alleviating the discomfort caused by excessive alcohol consumption. An increased taurine supply also promotes the body's efficient energy management. This amino acid acts as a creatine transporter, which stimulates the acquisition of energy from phosphagen, a mechanism that prevails during strength, interval, and sprint training.

L-Tyrosine - supports metabolism and nervous system function. It is a precursor of biosynthesis of neurotransmitters: dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, and thyroid hormones. L-tyrosine has a positive effect on memory and concentration and improves the fat-burning process. L-Tyrosine increases motivation, endurance, and resistance to stress in athletes who train intensively. Additionally, the product accelerates metabolism while increasing energy production from fat tissue.

Choline Bitartrate - is used as a supplement to improve body performance and memory. This agent is responsible for the production of Acetylcholine, which improves memory and controls muscle mass gain. Choline Bitartrate also has properties that support liver regeneration in people who abuse drugs and alcohol. In users, it reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, and prevents mood swings.

Caffeine - contributes directly to increased levels of catecholamines in the body. This effect is conditioned by its blocking effect on adenosine receptors and by inhibition of COMT enzyme activity. It thus eliminates the inhibitory effect of adenosine on adrenocortical hormone secretion and reduces their reuptake. This contributes to the effective elevation of adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels in the body.

Synephrine - It exhibits very similar effects to ephedrine. People struggling with excess body fat take advantage of the fact that it increases thermogenesis, making fat burning happen much faster. Synephrine also increases the body's efficiency and improves blood circulation, increases the heart's throughput, and dilates the bronchi, which is also a feature desired by athletes.

Capsicum anuum extract - the so-called Cayenne pepper, which is one of the best natural remedies used for weight loss, and modern scientific research indicates that it has anti-cancer properties and can support cardiovascular function.

Huperzine serrata - an alkaloid with the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which is a negative catalyst for the breakdown of acetylcholine, improving nerve conduction and having a significant effect on concentration, association, and memory. It helps alleviate the effects of oxidative stress, prevents depression, and exhibits mood-enhancing neuroprotective properties. Sports supplementation, is recommended during pre-workout, pre-exercise, and during exercise to improve concentration.

B vitamins - accelerate the regeneration of the body and ensure mental well-being.

Everbuild Prebuild 600g pre-workout - Recommended Use:

1 serving (2 scoops) 15-30 minutes before exercise.




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