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  • DHEA 100mg 60 caps
  • DHEA 100mg 60 caps

DHEA 100mg 60 caps

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Haya Labs DHEA 100mg 60 caps libido booster

Haya Labs DHEA is potent dehydroepiandrosterone that affects many functions of your body. The supplement effectively supports your mood and increases vitality and libido. Haya DHEA belongs to dietary supplements that have a wide range of health-promoting effects, but also not only. Its action has a significant effect on regulating hormone levels, which is very useful for people with reduced testosterone levels. The supplement shows the action of a testosterone booster, restores hormonal balance and increases the amount of free testosterone in the body. Thanks to this, Haya DHEA effectively increases exercise and sexual and regenerative capacities. DHEA will make you feel better and have more energy and desire to act.

Effects of Haya DHEA 50 mg:

  • Improve the work of the endocrine system,
  • Well-being support,
  • Immune enhancement,
  • Anti-cancer effects,
  • Lipid improvement,
  • Lower cholesterol,
  • Stronger libido.

The role of DHEA in the body

DHEA has wide-ranging effects on the human body, which are focused on several systems. First and foremost, DHEA deficiencies weaken immunity, so its optimal level in the body will be responsible for our body dealing with infections without problems. It also shows strong antioxidant effects, as well as inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. DHEA also supports the nervous system, protecting it from damage and so-called degenerative diseases of the nervous system, which include Alzheimer's. DHEA is also somewhat of a neurotransmitter, it will be responsible for our mood and well-being.

DHEA is also used to inhibit the aging process. Hormonal deficiencies that progress with age are the cause of many health conditions that begin to progress. These include obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and cancer. It has been shown that supplementing the daily diet with dehydroepiandrosterone effectively, among other things, reduces the increase in cholesterol and LDL lipoprotein levels, which effectively protects the heart and circulatory system.

DHEA and erectile dysfunction

It turned out that in the case of men, DHEA deficiencies that occur with age may be the cause of erectile problems. A study group of men between the ages of 40 and 60 showed significant DHA deficiencies that were correlated with sexual problems. After supplementing their daily diet, their quality of sexual life significantly improved. After 4 months of regular supplementation, improvements were noted in nearly 90% of subjects.

DHEA in women

DHEA is also an effective supplement for women who are experiencing menopause. Researchers indicate that treatment with classic estrogen group hormones is associated with a risk of breast cancer. In the case of DHEA, supplementation is completely safe and does not involve excessive estrogen spikes that can provoke tumor formation. There are also indications that women with DHEA deficiencies are more likely to develop breast cancer.

Effects of DHEA on the skeletal system and athletic performance

Dehydroepiandrosterone supplementation has also been proven to effectively strengthen the skeletal system. Increased bone mineralization is a very important part of maintaining a fit body for years to come. Unfortunately, fractures of the hip bone, for example, are the cause of significant mobility limitation and even death in the elderly. A review of studies of people suffering from osteoporosis recognized that these individuals also have hormonal deficiencies including a significant decrease in DHEA. The inclusion of a dehydroepiandrosterone-based dietary supplement was effective in reducing the risk of fractures, which increased the seniors' quality of life.
Many amateur and professional sports trainers use supplemental DHEA as support for hormone management, recovery, and improved exercise capacity.

Haya Labs DHEA composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

DHEA - dehydroepiandrosterone - 50 mg - is a hormone from the steroid group that occurs naturally in our bodies. DHEA is very similar in its structure to testosterone and estradiol, therefore in the male body it is easily converted to testosterone, and in the female body to estrogen, which is important for the treatment of menopause. DHEA-based supplements should be of interest mainly to men over 35 when DHEA levels reach their peak and begin to gradually decline. It is very interesting to note that people suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression have been reported to have equally significant DHEA deficiencies in the body.

Booster Libido DHEA dosage:

1 capsule daily.


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