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  • Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell 80 caps
  • Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell 80 caps

Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell 80 caps

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Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell 80 caps no-booster in capsules

Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell 80 caps is a modern no-booster designed to maximize the effect of the muscle pump. Its operation is based on three ingredients that are new to the supplementation market. You will not find classic arginine and citrulline in the composition. The product is a combination of three patented ingredients that show a strong biological effect.

Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell is focused on three basic tasks:


Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell is based on a blend of ingredients such as Nitrosigne, CellFlo6 and VasoDrive-AP. These ingredients were not combined by accident. As mentioned above, they are designed to start the production of nitric oxide in the body at the maximum level. What's more, the CellFlo6 component will maintain the Nitrosigne effect, expand the blood vessels to the maximum and allow the muscles to be filled with blood to the limit. But that's not all. Usually, most supplements have a temporary pump effect, which is dictated by the fact that our body naturally lowers it. The VasoDrive-AP component is designed to prevent this. Thanks to the patented mixture of two peptides, it blocks the enzyme responsible for the constriction of blood vessels, and we can enjoy a significant muscle pump for a longer time.

Apollon Nutrition Bloody Hell is:

  • High dose of VasoDrive-AP,
  • Increase in muscle endurance,
  • Faster regeneration,
  • Less muscle pain,
  • More intense training,
  • Improving your well-being.

What to combine Apollon Bloody Hell with?

While the supplement itself works great, its effects can be increased by additives such as arginine, citrulline or agmatine. If Blood Hell is not enough, just add a little bit of one of the above. ingredients and you will be delighted. People who like stimulants can of course include caffeine, yohimbine or DMHA-based products in their supplementation. It will also be perfect in combination with Apollon Hooligan or Apollon Assasin.

NO-booster in capsules Composition:

1 serving, 4 capsules:

Nitrosigne - 1500 mg - an advanced form of arginine, which is a combination of arginine, inositol and potassium silicate in the form of one molecule. This action allows for maximum absorption, which shows 5 times stronger action than classic arginine. The ingredient perfectly increases the level of nitric oxide in our body, effectively dilates the blood vessels, allowing a greater inflow of blood, oxygen and nutrients. What's more, it shows nootropic properties, allows for better concentration and supports cognitive function.

CellFlo6 - 600 mg - is a patented catechin delivery ingredient. These are compounds belonging to polyphenols that work by significantly widening blood vessels and making it easier for blood to flow around the body. Apollon is one of the first to use CellFlo6 in pre-training supplementation. The ingredient mainly provides galloylated procyanidins, catechins with unique biological effects. In addition to strong support for muscle work, the ingredient additionally supports immunity, protects the body against free radicals, controls metabolism and improves well-being.

VasoDrive-AP - 508 mg - the last component of the Blood Hell supplement is designed to maintain the muscle pump for a long time. The mixture of protein peptides, consisting of isoleucyl-prolyl-proline (IPP) and valyl-prolyl-proline (VPP), has the effect of blocking the enzyme responsible for the constriction of blood vessels. Thanks to the ingredient, we can enjoy the muscle pump effect for a long time.

Blody Hell no-booster in capsules Dosage:

1 serving, 4 capsules, 30-40 minutes before training.

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