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Vitamin for Child

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In this category you will find supplements for kids rich in vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain health during adolescence and intensive growth. The preparations provide the most important minerals and vitamins in specific doses adjusted to the child's age.

Multivitamins and Mineral Supplements for Kids

Available sets of vitamins and minerals for children in the Bodyshock. Pro store in the form of tablets, jellies, gummies, lozenges, drops allow you to set a precise dose. Vitamins for children and adolescents support the proper functioning of the immune system (vitamin C, DHA, EPA, Omega acids 3), the nervous system (B vitamins, magnesium, niacin), support the skeletal system (vitamin D) and ensure normal mental function and vision (vitamin A).

Natural ingredients, safety and quality

We make sure that our vitamins and supplements are not only effective, but above all safe for your child. We focus on natural ingredients that are gentle to the body and do not cause unwanted side effects. Each product undergoes rigorous quality tests to ensure that you are giving your child the best.

Strengthening immunity

Protect your child against diseases and infections with our immune-boosting vitamins. Our products contain high doses of vitamin C, D and zinc, which support the immune system and help maintain health even during cold and flu season.

Support for healthy growth

A child's growth and development is a process that requires appropriate nutritional support. B vitamins, calcium and magnesium, which you will find in our supplements, contribute to the proper growth of bones and muscles, supporting the harmonious development of your little one.

Take care of your concentration and memory

In today's fast-paced world, children need support to meet school challenges and develop their cognitive skills. Our omega-3, vitamin E and lecithin supplements help improve concentration, memory and overall brain function, which translates into better academic performance and greater self-confidence.

Healthy teeth and bones

Take care of your child's strong bones and healthy teeth with our supplements rich in calcium, vitamin D and K2. Regular consumption of these ingredients helps in the proper mineralization of bones and teeth, which is crucial for the health and development of the child.

Don't wait! Invest in your child's health today!

Visit our store and discover a wide range of vitamins and dietary supplements for children. Give your child the best start to a healthy and energetic life. Check out our products, choose those that best suit your child's needs and add them to your cart. Take care of the health of your loved ones with us - your trusted partner in caring for the health and development of children.

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