• Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps
  • Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps

Food Based Women's Multi 60 caps

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Food Based Women's Multi is a multivitamin preparation designed for women containing essential vitamins for health and up to five comprehensive blends: antioxidant, enzymatic, for skin and hair, green superfood, and also probiotic. It allows you to supplement all the necessary vitamins and minerals, take care of the appearance of the skin, hair, nails, and thanks to the current probiotic bacteria will support immunity and facilitate digestion.

The supplement has a great effect on the regulation of hormone management and is recommended for women during menopause, alleviating its unpleasant effects

Vitamin A- diet rich in vitamin A will not allow excessive drying and excessive peeling of the skin, rough skin. It will also reduce the loss and brittleness of hair and splitting nails. It protects eyes against cataracts, corneal and retinal cancers and so-called dust blindness, or the inability of the eye to see in the dark.

Vitamin C - plays an important role in the formation of collagen, which constitutes about 1/3 of the total amount of protein in our body. It is the basis of the structure of the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and valves in the heart. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant, accelerates the breakdown of harmful substances formed under the influence of intense training, effectively protects against infections. Another advantage of this vitamin is the improvement of iron absorption and the improvement of oxygen transport to the cells, which translates into an improvement in muscle condition. The effective absorption of oxygen extends the working time of the muscles and delays the anaerobic breathing phase of the muscles causing the formation of sourdough. In addition, vitamin C effectively leaches lactic acid from the muscles and therefore accelerates the regeneration process after training. In addition, ascorbic acid affects the release of male hormones, including testosterone, which is desirable by athletes. Vitamin C effectively protects against oxidative stress which mainly promotes the development of diabetes.

Vitamin E - is responsible for the construction of cells, thanks to which the wounds heal faster and the body can fight infections through the production of antioxidants.

Vitamin D- is best known for its impact on the calcium economy and its positive effect on bones, but in recent years much more health-related properties of vitamin D have been found for practically every system in our body. Vitamin D deficiencies are also associated with deterioration of sleep quality.

Vitamin B1- participates in the proper functioning of the nervous system and supports the work of the cardiovascular system. It is also believed that it can affect the proper functioning of the immune system. It has also been proven that thiamine has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin B2 - plays a fundamental role in metabolism, that is, converting the chemical energy of food into energy useful in the body. It enables proper fulfillment of the vit function. B6. The demand of an adult human is 1.3 mg per day (750 ml of milk), pregnant women and nursing mothers are in greater demand.

Vitamin B5- is extremely important for the skin as well as hair. Deficiency of vitamin B5 in the body is manifested by pathological changes on the skin, such as keratosis or excessive exfoliation, pigmentation disorders as well as hair loss. Deficiency of this vitamin causes numbness in the toes.

Vitamin B6- is a coenzyme of over 100 enzymes (a substance necessary for the proper functioning of these compounds), accelerating a series of changes in the body. Vitamin B6 is involved in the transformation of protein, fat-soluble vitamins and tryptophan (it helps in its conversion to vitamin B3, or niacin). In addition, pyridoxine acts on glycogenesis (the transformation of glucose into glycogen) and glycogenolysis (the process of glycogen degradation) in the muscles.

Vitamin B12- is a compound whose health properties can not be overestimated. Vitamin B12, like other B vitamins, has a positive effect on mental health. It is also necessary for the proper functioning of the circulatory and digestive systems. Researchers argue that vitamin B12 can also protect against Alzheimer's disease, cancer and against mental illness. First of all, through active participation in the biosynthesis of nucleotides and choline that is part of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves. Therefore, in the case of vitamin B12 deficiency, there are disturbing signals from the nervous system, such as numbness and tingling sensation, especially in the lower limbs, disturbances in balance and walking. In addition, vitamin b12 participates in the process of converting proteins, fat and carbohydrates into energy. Therefore, it counteracts weakness and fatigue. In addition, it prevents memory loss and increases the possibility of concentration. Vitamin B12 also takes part in the synthesis of serotonin - a neurotransmitter that, at the right concentration, acts as an antidepressant. If the level of vitamin B12 (and consequently - serotonin) is too low, irritability, fatigue and bad mood appear.

FolicAcid -has an important effect on health because it reduces the risk of anemia and helps in concentration and suppresses the feeling of chronic fatigue.

Biotin - takes part in the process of synthesizing creatine and regeneration of hair, nails and epidermis cells - obviously improves their condition and health. In addition, biotin helps to maintain the normal state of mucous membranes and metabolism of macronutrients.

Potassium-is one of the most important elements of the fluid present within every living cell. His most important functions include regulation of water and mineral management of the system, participation in the proper transmission of nerve impulses and in protein synthesis.

Magnesium - affects the functioning of the nervous, muscular and bone systems. Magnesium is also involved in the regulation of insulin levels in the blood, which also affects body weight. In short, too low magnesium levels may disturb the processes regulating the capture of sugars (glucose) circulating in the blood. Instead of being burned in muscle, sugar is transformed into reserves in adipose tissue. Increasing the level of magnesium allows the body to efficiently transport sugars to the muscles where they are burned. Our cells (in them there is magnesium) are also more sensitive to insulin regulating the glucose metabolism in our body.

Zinc - plays an important role in maintaining acid-base balance. It ensures the correct function of the prostate and reproductive organs. Studies have shown that zinc has a significant effect on brain function. It is necessary to maintain the optimal concentration of vitamin A in the blood and its consumption by tissues.

Chromium - is a very important mineral component responsible for weight control and proper functioning of metabolism. This essential ingredient plays a key role in losing weight and in cardiovascular health. Research shows that chromium helps to reduce body fat as well as increase lean body mass.

Soy Isoflavone Extracts - soy isoflavones are a source of phytoestrogens showing similar effects to estrogens. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, regulate estrogen levels, and increase bone density.

Black Cohosh Extract - Black cohosh is a popular herbal remedy replacing hormonal therapy. Effectively relieves the symptoms of menopause, limiting the release of luteinizing hormone, regulates the work of the ovaries. It affects the serotoninergic and dopaminergic system, stabilizing the mood in the menopausal period.

Acai Berry - has a higher level of antioxidants than almost any other fruit and an exceptionally high level of essential fatty acids and amino acids. Acai is a great source of vegan protein and supports the development and structure of bones and muscles. Taking their extract can lead to an increase in overall energy and endurance, it can also help fight fatigue and exhaustion. They have a significant impact on blood circulation throughout the body. Because lack of blood flow is one of the main causes of sexual dysfunction and lack of sexual endurance, their fruits are widely used as an alternative drug to help people struggling with these types of problems.

Lycopene - a hydrocarbon, a natural pigment from the group of carotenes, which eliminates the effects of free radicals on the body, thus protecting it from falling ill

Pancreatine-regulates metabolism, reduces the symptoms of digestive disorders, reduces the frequency of bowel movements. Enzymes included in the supplements are not absorbed, they are digested in the intestine and excreted from the body.

Spirulina - microscopic algae from the family of cyanobacteria. Like plants, they can produce energy from sunlight, thanks to the process called photosynthesis. Diseases of the circulatory system including the heart are currently the biggest problem in the world. It is known that many measurable factors, called risk factors, are associated with the risk of heart disease. As it turns out, spirulina has a beneficial effect on many of them. It effectively reduces total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and at the same time increases HDL cholesterol, the so-called good cholesterol.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most important probiotics. It is a component of the intestinal microflora. Participates in the lactic fermentation process, that is transformation of lactose into lactic acid and in the production of niacin, vitamin B6 and folic acid. The strain is in the gastrointestinal tract. By its action it removes the symptoms of the effects of digestive disorders. It increases the absorption of nutritional products. Has therapeutic effects in food poisoning. It also supports the body's immunity. In addition, I regulate the lipid metabolism.


2 capsules a day

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