• Napalm Amino13 450g
  • Napalm Amino13 450g

Napalm Amino13 450g

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Napalm Amino13 is an amino acid that will protect your muscles from breakdown.

Napalm Amino13 is a comprehensive set of BCAA and EAA amino acids with a strong anti-catabolic effect. The supplement has been enriched with additives such as citrulline, AAKG and taurine, which perfectly increase the power of the amino acids. The product perfectly inhibits the muscle breakdown process and protects muscles from catabolism.

An obligatory supplementation item during reduction!

Napalm Amino13 is:

  • Strong anabolic effect,
  • Protection against catabolism,
  • Regenerative support,
  • Improved endurance,
  • Increased dry muscle mass,

EAA amino acids - essential for the athlete

EAA amino acids are a type of sports supplement that supplements the diet with all the essential amino acids that we are unable to produce in the body ourselves. BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) belong to the EAA section of amino acids, and act by stimulating protein synthesis, accelerating regeneration and adding strength during training. Amino acids are essential for human health, as they play an important role in protein building.

Amino acids play a key role in the body. They are responsible for the structure and function of proteins and are essential for the body to function properly. Amino acids are involved in energy production and are needed to transfer nutrients from the food we eat to the cells in the body. Without the full range of EAA amino acids, our body would not be able to build muscle tissue. Further dietary deficiencies, on the other hand, will cause dysfunction in many body systems.

1 serving, 2 scoops 15 grams:
L-leucine - 2000 mg - of all the BCAAs, L-leucine is the most anabolic amino acid. It works by activating the mTOR protein synthesis pathway - responsible for muscle building. Leucine must be obtained from food or supplements. The body cannot synthesise it on its own from other amino acids; it must be supplied to the body. Leucine determines whether or not you can build muscle, so you should make sure that adequate levels are always supplied.

L-lysine HCl - 1640 mg - belongs to the EAA category of amino acids, which means that it is not produced by your body from other amino acids and supplementation is necessary. Among other things, lysine supports the formation of collagen, improves the function of the immune system and maintains the health of the cardiovascular system. Lysine is also a very good supplement for accelerating recovery./.

L-valine - 1,000 mg - is responsible for energy production as well as muscle protein synthesis, supporting the action of leucine. It works by providing energy to suppress catabolic reactions in a process known as gluconeogenesis, muscle proteins are broken down and converted into glucose. Glucose is then released into the bloodstream and used as an energy source. Valine plays a particularly important role in the diet of patients recovering from injury or surgery, as it promotes the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue. Valine will protect your muscles from catabolism.

L-isoleucine - 1000 mg - has a strong anti-catabolic effect and is a branched-chain amino acid belonging to the BCAA family. It is used for energy when your body starts to run out of glucose. It is particularly important during training to protect the body from muscle breakdown. Studies show that it is also used to combat injury and infection, due to its anti-catabolic effects.

L-glutamine - 1000 mg - is one of the key amino acids for muscle tissue function. Glutamine is present in 60% of your muscles, where it ensures the proper functioning of muscle tissue, regulates energy metabolism and inhibits the breakdown of muscle tissue. Glutamine promotes muscle repair and prevents catabolism, which is readily used, for example, during reduction. Glutamine has a beneficial effect on the intestines, nourishes them and rebuilds them, which among other things increases the body's resistance.

Citrulline malate - 1,000 mg - including citrulline - 670 mg - belongs to the amino acids that enhance arginine synthesis. Citrulline is among the compounds that act as a no-booster. It aids vasodilation, which allows for better utilisation of the amino acids contained in the supplement. Simply put, citrulline will ensure that the BCAA and EAA amino acids reach your muscles faster.

Taurine - 1000 mg - the first intriguing property of taurine is its ability to support insulin sensitivity. This action makes the body use energy more efficiently, making us feel more powerful during training. Taurine also has anabolic and anti-catabolic effects.

L-threonine - 890 mg - an amino acid belonging to the EAA group of amino acids, which is responsible for the functioning of many systems. It has a strong effect on the functioning of the immune system, where it is responsible for, among other things, the production of antibodies. Threonine is also an amino acid that takes part in the synthesis of new muscle proteins, so its presence in the supplement will have a beneficial effect on the development of muscle mass.

L-phenylalanine - 660 mg - this amino acid is known for its action that regulates neurotransmitter levels. It is also responsible for the building of proteins, but also the production of hormones. Phenylalanine also supports our mood and is therefore often attributed with a nootropic effect. Deficiencies can cause, for example, lowered mood and feelings of depression.

L-methionine - 580 mg - is usually added to joint support products, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect, which reduces joint pain. Furthermore, methionine has a positive effect on hair, skin and nails, supporting their impeccable condition.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG) - 500 mg - including L-arginine - 350 mg - arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide, which is responsible for the so-called muscle pump effect. This effect can be used prior to training to support the sensation of a pump during exercise. Arginine in the form of AAKG has an extended duration of action, which allows the blood vessels to remain dilated for longer. This action will have a beneficial effect on blood pressure parameters.

L-histidine - 140 mg - is a protein amino acid and is part of the EAA group. Like beta-alanine, histidine is responsible for the synthesis of carnosine. This action will effectively maintain muscle activity allowing for prolonged exercise. Histidine also reduces fatigue and has the ability to cleanse the body of heavy metals.

L-tryptophan - 90 mg - is an essential amino acid that is required for protein synthesis. It is a precursor to serotonin - an important neurotransmitter called the happiness hormone. Tryptophan is also responsible for the amount of melatonin, which directly affects the quality of sleep. It has the ability to suppress hunger, which is why it is often used in weight loss products. Adequate amounts of tryptophan are required for many physiological functions, including those involving the neurological and digestive systems. Even small deficiencies of this amino acid can cause depression and insomnia.

Potassium - 300 mg - one of the basic electrolytes that maintains normal water levels in cells. It is responsible for the conduction of nerve impulses, including being very important for heart function. Potassium is particularly important for maintaining the body's normal pH and is also responsible for muscle tone. Potassium is an antagonist of sodium and calcium.

Magnesium - 60 mg - is a particularly important element for our body, as it affects the function of many systems. Magnesium will effectively support the nervous system, regulate nervous tension and take care of our mental well-being. Magnesium deficiencies can cause irritability, among other things. Magnesium is also involved in energy metabolism and builds bones.

Himalayan salt - 50 mg - is a natural source of sodium with electrolytic properties. Himalayan salt contains many different minerals that list the body. Himalayan salt is a very good peri-workout supplement that will support water management functions.

Vitamin B6 - 61.4 mg - pyridoxine has a wide range of effects on the human body. First and foremost, it will be responsible for the function of the nervous system, proper muscle tone and the quality of nerve impulse transmission. Vitamin B6 is also involved in metabolic processes, influencing energy production.

Dosage: 1 serving, 15 g before training.


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