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Napalm Alpha Test is a revolutionary formula of two products for use day and night. The comprehensive solution allows you to stimulate testosterone for 24 hours!

Napalm Alpha Test is a combination of two dietary supplements that are designed to maximize testosterone levels in your body. The manufacturer offers us two products that are used at different times of the day. The daytime formula is designed to keep your endocrine system active so that there are no fluctuations or drops in testosterone throughout the day. The nighttime formula, on the other hand, is designed to maintain high levels of testosterone production as well as support deep sleep.

Napalm Alpha Test Effects:

  • Comprehensive support for testosterone production,
  • Increased levels of anabolism,
  • Improved mood,
  • Improved libido,
  • Beneficial effect on semen quality,
  • Increased sexual performance,
  • Increase in lean muscle mass,
  • Faster post-workout regeneration,
  • Increased strength,
  • Reduced aromatase activity,
  • Increased insulin sensitivity.

Who should we recommend Napalm Alpha Test to?
The product is dedicated to all active people who want to maintain an impeccable physique. The product perfectly promotes the maintenance of a lean, well-defined muscular body. Optimal testosterone levels are extremely important for many physiological processes which will be directed towards health-promoting activities, but not only. Testosterone is responsible for the ability to build muscle mass, regeneration, strength, and endurance gains. This hormone is so important that its high levels should be of interest to every athlete.

The supplement is perfect for people who feel the negative effects of low testosterone levels. Do you feel overtired? Have trouble staying in shape? Your muscle strength is decreasing? Or perhaps stress limits your actions and makes you feel worse? The complex composition of the Napalm Alpha Test results in maximizing physiological processes that are geared towards counteracting the effects of elevated cortisol as well as lowered testosterone levels.


NAPALM. Alpha Test AM Formula - Daily Formula
Daily Serving: 5 Tablets
Number of servings per package: 24
Content per 5 tablets
D-Aspartic Acid - 3120 mg - also known as DAA is an amino acid that occurs naturally in our bodies and has an effect on a number of our body functions, including testosterone production, sexual activity, and libido, but also enhances detoxification processes. DAA stimulates luteinizing hormone found in the pituitary gland, which translates into an increased effect of stimulating testosterone production in the testes by Leydig cells.

Rhodiola Rosea root extract (3% rosavins, 1% salidroside) - 100 mg (3 mg, 1 mg) - active substances contained in the extract perfectly support the nervous system of our body, regulate nervous tension, allow to reduce stress, which translates into decreased cortisol secretion. Rhodiola rosea has an effective adaptogenic action, allowing the body to respond better to strength training, but also supporting the action of stimulants. It is worth taking the extract in the period when you rest from pre-training or other stimulants.

Japanese Knotweed Root Extract (50% resveratrol) - 100 mg (50 mg) - the extract is a very rich source of resveratrol which has an aromatase inhibitor effect. The active ingredient reduces the conversion of testosterone to estradiol which allows the body to use more free testosterone in the body. What's more, resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant. Its action reduces the activity of free radicals, which effectively supports regeneration and protects cells from damage.

Vitamin B6 - 2 mg - also known as pyridoxine, is a vitamin that belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins and has a wide range of properties in the human body. The Napalm Alpha Test booster mainly functions to regulate prolactin levels to ensure optimal levels of anabolic hormones in the body.

Folic Acid - 400 μg - Known as vitamin B9, it has a regenerative effect, prevents cancer, and takes care of the proper function of the nervous system. It is essential for many metabolic processes, thus supporting the activity of many-body systems. Folate is also an essential element in spermatogenesis, which directly affects the quality of produced semen.

Vitamin D - 25 μg - is considered a testosterone booster, as its optimal level in the body is responsible for normal testosterone levels. Vitamin D deficiencies are particularly dangerous to the normal function of the endocrine system, causing a significant decrease in testosterone. Vitamin D will also maintain sexual performance, and well-being, and strengthen bones and immunity.

Vitamin B12 - 6 μg - also known as cobalamin, takes part in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It takes care of the proper functioning of the nervous system and maintains the optimal level of neurotransmitters, which affects our well-being. An optimal level of vitamin B12 maintains the body's vitality, effectively enhances regeneration processes, and improves cognitive function.

NAPALM. Alpha Test PM Formula - NIGHT TABLET
Daily serving: 1/2 tablet
Number of servings per package: 240
Content per 1/2 tablet
Fenugreek seed extract - 137.5 mg - Fenugreek is known for its strong properties supporting testosterone growth. Its action perfectly enhances hormone synthesis by Leydig cells, which effectively increases testosterone levels in the body. What's more, fenugreek has the power to increase insulin sensitivity. It lowers blood sugar levels, which promotes proper metabolism.

Mace fruit extract (90% saponins) - 125 mg (112.5 mg) - the plant is known in sports supplementation as tribulus terrestris, and its action is associated with support of testosterone production. Tribulus has a strong aphrodisiac effect, effectively supporting libido as well as enhancing sexual performance. Additionally, it shows adaptogenic action, accelerates regeneration, allowing for faster return to full activity

Zinc - 1.9 mg - is an essential element that affects the production of over 200 different enzymes. Zinc is a very important element for flawless-looking skin, but the testosterone booster Napalm Alpha Test plays a role in optimizing testosterone levels. Zinc is essential for your body to synthesize testosterone as well as produce good-quality sperm.

Vitamin B6 - 1.25 mg - Vitamin B6 is essential in the proper assimilation of amino acids and aids in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. Vitamin B6 also influences the production of serotonin, which contributes to the improvement of our mood. Used before bedtime, it will regulate nervous tension, promote depth of sleep, and support relaxation.

NAPALM. Alpha Test AM Formula - DAILY Formula - 1 serving of 5 tablets with your first meal.
NAPALM. Alpha Test PM Formula - NIGHT Formula - 1 serving ½ tablets before bedtime.



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