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  • Big Noise 315g

Big Noise 315g

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Redcon1 Big Noise is a real pre-workout of the highest class aimed at people who know what they need. It provides extreme muscle pump and concentration even for very advanced players who have already used everything that is on the market. Big noise does not contain any stimulants, so it can be used at any time of the day without worrying about sleep problems. The Big Noise consists of only active ingredients in appropriately selected doses, which guarantees that your every training will be 100% done!

The Big Noise includes, among others:

CDP Choline - consists of cytidine and choline molecules, which are connected by two phosphorus groups. After absorption into the body, these groups break down, thanks to which the active substance increases the concentration of choline and cytidine. The first of the breakdown products of citicoline provides high levels of acetylcholine in the nervous system. This translates into improved memory formation and better focus. In addition, it has a neurodenerative effect as it reduces the release of fatty acids in damaged neurons. Choline has a positive effect on the activity of glutathione, which is an important antioxidant in the human body. This reduces the negative effects of free radicals, which translates into more efficient energy production. In the body, cytidine is converted to uridine. It takes part in the proper synthesis of the cell membrane of neurons, thanks to which it improves their work.

Glycerol Monosterate - is a naturally occurring compound in our body. Its main function is to regulate fluid levels in tissues and blood. The benefits we get from the described phenomenon are: improved absorption of compounds taken together with Glycerol, faster delivery of nutrients to cells, a more anabolic environment, more visible use (related to the movement of water from space, between muscle cells, into the blood) and more perceptible " pump effect "during training.

Betaine Anhydrous - it helps to increase the efficiency of the body and improve the work of the nervous system. An additional advantage associated with the use of betaine is better cell hydration. Like glycine, betaine draws water with it when it is absorbed into the cell. This results in better hydration of the body and an increase in the feeling of a muscle pump during training. The main intracellular transporter of trimethylglycine in the body is the BGT-1 transporter. In addition, betaine stimulates the production of the vasodilator - nitric oxide. In general, the ingredient ensures better blood supply to the muscles and their nutrition.

Beet Root Extract - beetroot extract, a rich source of betaine. The beetroot also contains compounds such as betacyans and betaxanthans. According to scientific reports, betaine has a strong protective effect against cancer. In supplementation, it is an addition to multi-component preparations that care for the health condition, improve the functioning of the digestive system and help in the detoxification process. It has also become an additive in pre-workout formulas as an NO booster due to its NO-promoting properties.

Agmatine Sulfate - intensifies the secretion of nitric oxide in the human body, which translates into a strong muscle pump feeling during training. It expands blood vessels, supporting the supply of blood and nutrients to working muscles, which significantly accelerates the regeneration process and building new muscle fibers. In studies with the use of agmatine, it has been shown that its action can promote protein synthesis even twice, which, in addition to the action of agmatine itself, is also associated with the effect of increasing the supply of nutrients to muscle tissues.

Alpha GPC - the active substance has a nootropic effect. This means that it has a positive effect on the efficiency of the nervous system. This is due to the fact that in the body it is a substrate for the production of acetylcholine and phospholipids in the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter very widespread in the brain, which is responsible, among other things, for memory formation and concentration. Phospholipids are an important compound that builds the cell membrane. Its proper structure allows for their proper functioning.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract - Rhodiola rosea is a plant that provides vitality and has a positive effect on cognitive functions. The main substances contained in the extract of this plant are tyrosol, rosavins and salidroside. The use of this raw material reduces the build-up of fatigue in the body. This is due to the fact that salidroside activates AMPK in muscle cells and improves glucose uptake by muscle cells. This ensures proper energy production for working muscles and improves regenerative processes.

Huperzine A - is a substance that has a strong nootropic effect. In the nervous system, it stimulates the brain to work more efficiently. This translates into an improvement in cognitive functions. Hupercine works by blocking the action of acetylcholinesterase. This reduces the breakdown of the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which positively regulates the work of the nervous system. The proper concentration of this neurotransmitter in the brain allows for efficient remembering and facilitates the efficient exchange of information between neurons. An additional advantage of using this ingredient is the fact that it protects the nervous system against the negative effects of free radicals. The overall action of hupercine allows for healthy stimulation and efficient memory formation.


Dissolve 1 scoop with water, use 15-30 minutes before training.

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