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Yohimbina - slim figure and better sex

Yohimbine is a substance that folk medicine has long considered an aphrodisiac to facilitate erection. Yohimbine occurs naturally in the bark of two trees:

- Pausinystalia yohimbe
- Corynanthe yohimbe

Only recently, for synthetic and therapeutic purposes, its synthetic form, i.e. yohimbine HCL.

Yohimbina HCL - A substance that works wonders in the reduction of body fat, and at the same time improve the sexual abilities of men using it. So much theory, and how is it in practice?

Yohimbine hydrochloride is most commonly used in medicine, for restoring sexual performance disturbed by the use of antidepressants, female sexual frigidity, as a blood pressure lowering drug in nervous system disorders in xerostomia, and as a specific compound "testing" the efficiency of the adrenaline part of the AUN.

However, what trains us most interested in is the loss of body fat caused by the burners containing yohimbine in their composition. The alpha-2-adrenergic receptors responsible for the loss of resistant adipose tissue are distributed in the most unwanted places. If the alpha receptors are active, the lyolysis process (i.e. the fat distribution) is inhibited. Yohimbine is an inhibitor of alpha receptors that inhibit their activity. It is also important to mention the existence of beta-adrenergic receptors, which are responsible for promoting the breakdown of adipose tissue. Depending on the part of the body, the proportions between the number of alpha and beta receptors are different. If we increase the activity of beta receptors, we are able to burn body fat faster.

Often on the packaging of supplements, which includes yohimbine, the producer points out that yohimbine helped in getting rid of mainly fat from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. There is a lot of truth in this, because as a result of the research the largest groupings of alpha-2 receptors were detected in the adipose tissue of these parts of the body. Thus, yohimbine in these places will be the most limited inhibition of lipogenesis, intensifying lipolysis. Most thermogenic substances activate mainly beta receptors, which means that at some point in the reduction of body fat, we reach the stage where it is very difficult to achieve further effects. This is when the high activity of alpha receptors blocks the further reduction stage. It is only in this phase that the use of johimbin supplementation makes sense. As I mentioned earlier, yohimbine stimulates the secretion of adrenaline, which is responsible for the release of fatty acids from fat cells. The condition for this process, however, is the low insulin level, which is why you should control the amount and quality of carbohydrates consumed. In order to be able to manipulate the activity of alpha and beta receptors, a negative energy balance should be maintained. As you can see yohimbine can be useful in getting rid of body fat, especially from the areas of the body mentioned above. The use of caffeine in parallel is increased.

In one of the 2006 trials - 20 high-class football players (Serbia and Montenegro) received 21 mg tablets of yohimbine or placebo (cellulose) for 21 days. In the yohimbine group, there was an average decrease from 9.3% to 7.1% of adipose tissue. What's the most interesting, the players, along with getting rid of body fat, at the same time acquired muscle mass - although not much, but always. In the yohimbine group, muscle tissue before: 53.8%, and muscles after: 56.3%.

The experiment was attended by footballers, men:
• middle-aged 24.3 ± 3.2 years, with a height of 180.8 ± 6.2 cm (yohimbine group),
• middle-aged 23.8 ± 2.9 years, with a height of 179.5 ± 5.8 cm (placebo group),

Results after 21 days of johimbin supplementation:
• in the yohimbine group, the body weight before: was on average 81.2 kg,
• in the yohimbine group, body weight after: an average of 82.4 kg,
• in the placebo group the body weight before: was on average 80.1 kg
• in the placebo group the body weight after: was on average 81.9 kg
• yohimbine% body fat before: 9.3%, and after: 7.1%
• in the placebo group,% of body fat before: 8.9%, and after: 9.2% (increase in fatness),
• in terms of the impact on the performance of yohimbine turned out to be neutral (checked, among others, bench press, leg press, high jump, power test and dribbling, swinging),

What's the most interesting, the players, along with getting rid of body fat, at the same time acquired muscle mass - although not much, but always. In the yohimbine group, muscle tissue before: 53.8%, and muscles after: 56.3%. In the placebo group, the men gained muscle mass (increase from 54.9% to 58.3%), however, it was increased by the increase in fatness, while in the yohimbine group there was a decrease in fatness in the body. (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17214405)

Another very interesting effect of applying yohimbine is the fact that it has an effect on reducing excessive appetite, hence it is associated with a lack of perceived hunger.

As I mentioned earlier